Watch: This video perfectly skewers New York’s head-scratching abstract art scene

We have all at one point or another attended a performance or a friend’s play in New York City only to leave scratching our heads in a collective “well huh that was surely …. something” sort of attitude. Abstract art is weird, on purpose, and you’re forgiven if you never quite get it or if it doesn’t quite tickle your artistic pickle all the time.

Our own Sam Corbin may have been behind a few of those abstract performances herself, but she gets that the scene isn’t for everyone. So she wrote and filmed this rap video, parodying the absurdity of abstract, post-modernist art, where none of the references make any sense and the actors don’t explain shit but tickets still cost $35. If you’ve ever been to a performance that’s so weird it feels like the actors are trying to make you walk out, you will definitely appreciate this. 

Watch: This video perfectly skewers New York's head-scratching abstract art scene
She’s an abstract bitch.

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