A Twitter census on the state of 2 Broke Girls

Do you want some rape jokes with that cupcake?

Last night’s episode of 2 Broke Girls was a repeat. Boo, but more importantly YAY! During my half an hour break from TV, I decided to hunt through the Twitterverse to see what those crazy kids are saying about the show that at least 10 million of us are watching together. This proved super difficult since a majority were just quoting or saying things like, “#2brokegirls HAHA”, “#2brokegirls I love this show!” I sifted through a crap ton to find ones with actual thought attached to them, to bring you this list. Seriously, 2 Broke Girl fans, you need to work on your communication skills. Twitter highlights and bonus vintage Kat Dennings below!

M. Stroud @MariStroud
This is always going to bother me about #2brokegirls: why has Caroline not been mugged for that necklace yet?

Christina P. Collier @cPebblesc
Yes I do need a man lol so I can stop watching everything that comes on #TV but until then it’s time for #2BrokeGirls.This is what I do now

TVWithoutPity @TVWithoutPity
The new season of #Portlandia is the perfect antidote to#2BrokeGirls, on multiple levels:

John Spo @JohnSpo
#HBO cancels #BoredToDeath yet #2BrokeGirls remains on #CBS. I’m being punished for something.

People's Choice?

Ryan Poole

Way to go #2BrokeGirls for being nothing but a platform for stereotypes and dated humor. Thank god I have a crush on Kat Dennings.

this manic mama @thismanicmama
for a second I thought I’d missed yet another hilarious rape joke on Two Broke Girls, thankfully it was a rerun. #NBCrapejokes#2brokegirls

Joseph Pumpkin Moore @BALiens
Gonna miss the first 30 minutes of the game #nw #2BrokeGirls

Alison J Stevens @alisonjs14
#2brokeGirls sooo funnay “Once u go ukraine u scream from sex pain” sooo funnah


Candi Marie @CandiLand8087h
Ok why does Johnny from #2BrokeGirls look so familiar… who is he???? I need a name for my wet dream tonight…


Marge Ng @MNGbasics
Headache due to too much marathon. #2BrokeGirls =)))

[Ugh, tell me about it. Oh, wait… is that a smiley face?!]

And now for some vintage Kat Dennings from another NYC centric show [note that this clip is from an episode that includes a guest starring role from Kyle Maclachlan, who currently plays the mayor on Portlandia Bam!.]

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  1. Welove2brokegirls

    We love ” 2 Broke Girls!!! We don’t understand why there are so many repeat episodes!!! Geeez~ This is the best program of the last year and we look forward to it every Monday~ Only to be disappointed to see RERUNS~ What is up with that??? Palleeez New Shows or just forget it…

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