A tiny, free library has popped up in Ditmas Park

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Wilenta and her tiny library. Photo by Edward Smith, via Little Brooklyn Farm

You ever walk down the street and wish you could come upon a kiosk full of books that you could choose one from? Pretty specific daydream, we know. But if you ever have, Jennifer Wilenta of Ditmas Park has made that daydream a reality by constructing a Little Free Library in front of her house.

You can find the library at 391 Marlborough Road. Wilenta, who shared the news on her blog, told us that she stocked the first round of books, and that “the ideal is that people swap books, but so far more people have taken than donated.” Her hope is that the small library becomes a full and vibrant neighborhood resource. So, if you’ve just finished reading something at say, Sycamore and find yourself walking past Wilenta’s house, you could drop your book off there. Unless if course it’s an actual library book, they probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

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  1. We are interested in building this in our community..Do you have building plans you’d be willing to share?
    Thank you!

    • My friend, Tom made his own plans for this. If you look up Littlefreelibrary.org, you will see some options and photos of others. It can be as simple or as complicated as you dream it up.

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