A raffle prize for the hopelessly impractical

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Egg cups, $22 a pair, at Cog & Pearl, 190 Fifth Ave. at Berkeley Place, (718) 623-8200.

One definition of luxury:  a material craving you wouldn’t satisfy yourself, owing to its impracticality, frivolity, unnecessary-ness… the kind of thing you hope to receive as a gift from someone who really “gets you.” If there’s a boutique that gets a certain Brooklyn psychographic — one of our many psychographics, anyway — it’s Cog & Pearl in Park Slope. Infused with a deliciously oddball sensibility, the shop was founded in 2002 by “partially employed” partners Kristin Overson and Seth Walter, who wanted to parlay their love of artist-made goods into a life free of corporate bosses cubicles and train commutes. Their only rule is that they have to love everything they sell.

We recruited them for tonight’s raffle cause we know lots of y’all aren’t in the market for egg cups, crochet squids, absurd little John Derian mini-trays, and saw earrings, but a life without moments of consumerist whimsy… well, you can fill in whatever you think that life is, but I’ll take this shadow-animal card set, thank you.

So thanks, good people of Cog & Pearl, for pitching in a $50 gift card for tonight’s Charity Ball / RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY.

The First Annual Brokelyn Charity Ball will be held TONIGHT  from 7 to 11 at at Night Owl in Williamsburg, 160 N. 4th St. at Bedford Ave. Coming? Let us know by RSVPing in the Facebook page, where you can also see all the other fine prizes.


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