A lovely day of shopping awaits at the Greenpointers’ Valentine’s Day Market

Cake Hero's cakes with personality will be at the market this weekend. via Facebook
Cake Hero’s cakes with personality will be at the market this weekend. via Facebook

When it comes to giving a Valentine’s Day gift, you really don’t want to screw it up. Unlike a birthday or Christmas, this isn’t the time for some grown up version of a crappy macaroni-art picture. We’ve already got you covered on sweet dates you can go on, and our pals at Greenpointers have got you covered on what to buy for your date at their “Message in a Bottle” Valentine’s Day market this weekend.

It all goes down this Saturday, from noon to 6pm at From the Source (65 West Street). You’ll have plenty of options to choose from at the market, considering there’s a whopping 45 vendors participating, including heat purveyors Queen Majesty Hot Sauce and Mike’s Hot Honey, vintage slingers M.N. Davis & Son and Miss Havisham Vintage and jewelry makers Brooklyn Charm and Satoko Nobe Jewelry. There’ll also be a $5 raffle that benefits their Writers’ Fund with awesome prizes from Paulie Gee, Brouwerij Lane and Brooklyn Brainery. AND you’ll be able to get your nails did by either Nails By Kelly or Nails By Fallon.

Obviously perusing all of those shopping options is going to exhaust you and you’ll require sustenance to go on. Fortunately, Oven.ly and Pie Corps will be providing treats, while Brooklyn Brewery and Dandelion Wine will be providing purchase-encouraging juice booze and Boylan Soda and Cafe Grumpy, of Girls fame (LOL, jk) will provide non-alcoholic drinking options.

Greenpointers Valentine’s Day Market, From the Source, noon – 6pm, 65 West Street, Greenpoint, FREE

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