A killer deal: $5 obscure scary movies ALL October long

Classics, one and all

I love Halloween. Love it. It’s the one time of year when it’s socially acceptable to watch scary movies every day and dress up like Nicolas Cage. So far, Netflix Instant has been murdering it for me, but as I’ve gone through the movies in my queue, I got antsy and decided to get off my couch. The Spectacle, a volunteer run theater in Williamsburg, is showing scary movies ALL month in October for just $5.

Your gateway to screams. via The Spectacle

Now you can catch classics like Strangler VS Strangler and President Wolfman without feeling weird that you’re on your couch in full costume. I don’t understand how more people aren’t talking about this place, but that just leaves more room for me to stretch out. It isn’t exactly full of modern movie palace accoutrements, but again, the movies are five dollars. Sometimes, there are even free movies, as in zero dollars. Spectacle isn’t exclusively a repository for horror movies, but for now, that is interesting, but irrelevant. Granted they don’t have booze like NiteHawk, but if you’re not a child, you know how to sneak some JD into a theater.

The Spectacle, 124 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg

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