A free lesson for planning your big bike adventure

Our roving bike tour correspondent has been giving you ideas for plotting your own splishy, splashy summer cycling safaris around the borough. But what if you’re the kind of person who wants to do one of those multi-day, vagabonding, zen-and-the-art-of-fixie-maintenance adventure-packed excursions? If you’re looking for some inside info on how, what and where to plan that super bike vision quest, there’s a sweet free Skillshare for you next week. Brooklyn Skillshare is hosting a workshop featuring two “seasoned veterans of vagabonding abroad by bike” talking about their past trips, why they like it, why you would like it, equipment you’ll need and what to expect. So there’s more to it than just packing tattered paperbacks and tubes of Benzedrine? Who knew?

The Skillshare, named How to Plan for and Enjoy a Multi-Day Bike Trip (And Why They Are Awesome!), will be on July 23 from 12-2pm at LaunchPad (721 Franklin Avenue). No RSVP is required!

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