A free BYOB, potluck, anything-goes free lecture series

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A rapt crowd packs The Loom in September.

Go do something Sunday that combines two of the average young Brooklynite’s favorite things: Drinking beer and feeling smart. Presentation Party Night is a monthly free lecture series featuring six presentations on a wide range of topics. You can even sign up to do your own presentation for the future (any level of public speaking ability is accepted, so don’t be shy). A limited supply of free beer is provided, for a small suggested donation of course; snacks are provided potluck style, and BYOB is encouraged. This month’s topics include oil fracking, healthcare reform and The Spice Girls. Visit the website for photos and videos of past presentations.

Presentation Party Night, Sunday, 7-11pm, 815B Seneca Ave., under the sign that says “Karate.” (Feel free to argue about whether this is actually in Brooklyn or Queens).

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