An $843/month 3-bedroom in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens could be yours!

Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.
Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Fearful of Brooklyn’s always-apocalyptic real estate forecast? Yeah, us too, it’s the only forecast that’s constantly worse than the weather (nailed itttt). Anyway, if you want to find some kind of protection from it, you could always get lucky and win the lottery. The housing lottery we mean, like for Prospect-Lefferts’ new monstrosity, 626 Flatbush Avenue, which is offering $843/month 3-bedroom apartments to some lucky winners (via The Q at Parkside). Yes, that’s right, three rooms for the price you’re paying a bedroom with no window and some roommates you’re always seething about.

Run, don’t walk, to your keyboard and apply for this newest housing lottery in one of Brooklyn’s most-hated new buildings. You might have to deal with some nasty glares people will give you for living in a tall tower that doesn’t really fit in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens’ otherwise small towers, but when you’re paying $843/month for a 3-bedroom or $930/month for a 2-bedroom, what are you gonna care? You can buy more friends with the money you save on rent, right? Right.

As with any housing lottery, this all depends on how much you make, so for the cheapest housing available you can’t make more than $40,080 and for the next band of housing you can’t make more than $50,100. That being said, if you’re eligible under the income requirements, get an application in as soon as you can. After all, if you snag an apartment here, not only are you right next to Prospect Park for cheap, you’re also in walking distance to Pels Pies.

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