Report from Planet Money and 7 hot jobs for you

planet money
These are the only pencils they let you write with, but you also get to report on pizza at Planet Money, so, good trade-off we think. via Facebook

If your job is significantly adding to your seasonal depression and it takes all the energy you can muster to get out of bed on these cold winter mornings and trudge to work, then it’s probably safe to say you’re in the majority of New Yorkers.

Instead of spending the commute fantasizing about what it would be like to actually enjoy your job, take a mental health day and make it happen by applying to some of these awesome openings:

NPR’s Planet Money, home of important pizza journalism, is hiring a Reporter and with a little journalism experience (4 years to be exact) and a desire to impress your intellectual friends, it could be you. It’s in Manhattan and involves working on their blog, covering stories, and potentially a bit of (expensed!?) travel. Plus it’s a union job, so if you suck it’’ll be harder for them to fire you.

Progressive-leaning communications firm Berlin Rosen is looking for a Junior Account Executive to help them come on board and help draft press releases, monitor news and spin the press. If you like Wall Street reform, labor advocacy and long walks on the beach the fight for LGBT rights, this job is for you

Uncommon Goods is hiring a Purchasing Assistant. All you need is a college degree since the description lists 1-2 years of work experience as preferred.  The Assistant gets to help out with new product selection and if you’ve ever perused the site, you know just how exceptionally weird and awesome this opportunity is.

Pasture Management, Inc. is hiring a Restaurant Manager/Bookkeeper.  The company manages Egg Restaurant, Goatfell Farm, and Hash Bar and is conveniently located on 105 North 3rd Street in Williamsburg (save on that commute!). This is a great spot for someone with a mediocre level of ambition/experience, since it starts as a part-time gig with potential to become full-time and the ideal candidate has “a passion for food”.

Apply for this Coordinator position at HBO and watch Game of Thrones before the Facebook spoilers (still bitter about the Red Wedding). The Coordinator will assist with the development and execution of marketing materials for HBO’s digital products. It requires 2-3 years of marketing experience and you’ll finally be able to stop stealing your friend’s HBO Go log in and get your own.

Fool people into thinking you’re a good person and test the non-profit waters through this Assistant Production Editor job at the International Peace Institute, where you’ll spend your days copyediting, proofreading, and conducting photo research. And let’s be real, how often does a job description list a BA in Humanities or English as a plus?!

Instead of procrastinating on Buzzfeed at work, work there and get paid for it. They have a Deputy Geeky Editor opening for someone with a vast knowledge of Star Wars, board games, and Reddit. Candidates need to be good at social media, so the amount of likes the Instagram of your breakfast got might actually be relevant.

If you’re “not phased by the paparazzi” you can apply for a Full-Time Nanny gig for an allegedly high-profile family. It’s watching one kid in Soho and I’m betting it pays pretty well. Candidates should be able to cook healthy meals and have good morals, so they may be hard to come by.

And as always, if you like drinking beer and pitching stories, and you want to see yourself up on this page, shoot an email to dave [at] to find out how you can be part of Team Brokelyn.

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