Wonderful Ditmas Park dive 773 Lounge will reopen in September!

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They’ll be back. via GoFundMe

Need more proof that Monday is the worst day everything? So check it out: On Monday we learned that Montero’s, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, was ready to sell to a developer who’d make their block a mall if any of the developers met their price. Booooo. Today though, on not-Monday, we learn that 773 Lounge, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, will be reopening in September. Just in time for a Mets playoff run!

In case you’d forgotten, 773 had been felled by a fire way back in November last year. The owners vowed to rebuild, and Kensington BK is reporting that the rebuilding has indeed happened and will lead to the bar being open again in September. Owners Margaret and Billy Cain told the site that the bar will be expanding its offerings of “being a cool dark place to watch sports” to include things like wi-fi, lunch specials and more seating.

On the other hand, the sports will still be there, as will the jukebox and the plan to “be the first bar to open and the last bar to close each day,” as the Cains put it. So smile, barflies and smile fans of bars that don’t have really bougie gimmicks and smile people who just like stories of local businesses overcoming fire, man’s hated and ancient enemy.

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