5 tips to help you you’re when ‘working’ outside

If this is your office, here’s some things to think about
If this is your office, here’s some things to think about

It’s getting to be the time of year when freelancers and work-at-home types can finally stop feeling jealous of their office job friends because they have things like “stability” and “health insurance.” Who’s ever heard good news from a doctor anyway? The reason we can start lording things over those palookas is because it’s working outside season! Well, if you can even concentrate in the face of all the short shorts and sundresses and tattooed shirtless dudes. Whether you want to work at an eatery with a nice outdoor space or want to hang out in a park like we might be doing now, it’s important to actually get work done while you’re outside. Jen Doll at The Atlantic had a few tips for you sun-worshipping freelancers.

If you like it, put a cap on it Nature is great, nature is awesome. Nature is also full of bugs, dirt, pollen and little bits of stuff that can get inside your computer via your open USB and Firewire ports. Ever see what happens to a Macbook with a beetle infestation? We haven’t either, but it’s probably not pretty. So get yourself a few USB caps to make sure the insides of your computer stay as healthy as your insides. Actually, healthier probably, right?

Wear pants It’s kind of weird that you’d even need to be told this, but here we are. Ever notice how the bottom of your laptop can get kinda hot? It’s not gonna get any cooler when it’s 90 degrees and you’re sitting in a park. And if you have to keep that thing on your lap, it shouldn’t be on bare legs, because then you will burn your legs something terrible. Good thing for you that jorts are cool now and they’re just made of recycled pants, huh?

If you don’t need a computer, don’t bring it Maybe you’re transcribing something by hand because it’s easier for you to do it that way. Maybe you’re reading up on your next profile subject before cutting them to pieces in an interview. Point is, if you can work on anything other than a glare-filled computer screen, it’s not a bad idea to take that work with you and save the computer stuff for a shitty day indoors.

Why don’t we do it in the park Like we mentioned before, if you’re going to work outside, New York’s parks are a great place to do it. Especially because they have wifi, wifi that we know for certain works great at McCarren Park.

Bring food So OK, everything about working outside sounds great. But then you’re sitting there with your bike and your laptop and whatever else you brought with you and your stomach starts growling. Or your mouth gets dry. Fortunately you’ve prepared for that by bringing a water bottle and a sandwich. You  did remember to do that, right?

All of this makes working outside sound a little intimidating, so we’ll add one last tip: don’t be afraid to do it, because it can be pretty wonderful. No matter how airy and well-lit your apartment is, it’s no match for the glorious outdoors. And seeing as we can only enjoy them for five, maybe six months of the year if we’re lucky, get out there while you can.

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