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People’s Republic of Brooklyn has $5 chicken and waffles through the end of November

people's republic of brooklyn
Let’s eat. Photo by Joanna Purpich

Neighborhood bars feel like your home away from home. You get to gossip with the regulars about Michelle Williams driving up rent. The bartender doesn’t even tell you to shut up when you go off on a slurry tangent about that one time you found five dollars. Except, maybe this time you actually did find five dollars, and you have wisely decided to spend it on food at the People’s Republic of Brooklyn (247 Smith Street). Specifically, you’re gonna spend it on chicken and waffles, because holy shit they’re only $5?

Yep, you read that right. The People’s Republic of Brooklyn is offering $5 chicken and waffles Tuesday-Sunday from now until the end of November. Given that chicken and waffles will usually run you at least $10, it’s pretty great that we can now use the money we saved to buy more beer. The People’s Republic of Brooklyn also helps you stretch your dollar with $4 draft beers during happy hour 5pm-7pm and $15 unlimited mimosas at brunch. So next time you are blessed with adopting an abandoned five, skip the laundromat and buy chicken and waffles instead.

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