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40 Acres and a Mule has a tribute to Mike Brown next to their Eric Garner tribute now

mike brown
Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend. via Instagram

The last few nights, America has been transfixed by scenes of police in tanks scowling at and tear gassing protestors in Ferguson, Missouri who want answers after unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. Spike Lee isn’t the first person to note the similarity between Brown’s case and that of Eric Garner, but now that he’s shown off a tribute to Michael Brown hanging in front of 40 Acres and A Mule next to the tribute to Eric Garner, he is the first person in America to have the distinction of hosting tributes to not just one, but the two most high-profile cases of unarmed black men killed by the police over the last month.

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  1. Maybe Obama will invite the cop to the White House for a beer.

    Here’s the deal people, the Democrat party did this “triangulation” thing under Clinton to win over the middle class. So basically they have to appear to be pro-Cop and not “anti-Cop”. So whereas whenever there is shooting there are calls for new gun laws don’t expect to hear for calls for changes to the use of force rules anytime. That would be “anti-cop”. (Notice that when a non-Cop gun guy did something bad use of force laws aka “stand your ground” was a political issue).

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