4 reasons to spend your entire weekend in South Brooklyn

Reason #1: because the canal isn't this pretty all the time. via flickr user Alexander Rabb
Reason #1: because the canal isn’t this pretty all the time. via flickr user Alexander Rabb

You might have been deterred from spending any more time in South Brooklyn after we told you the feral, syphillis-infected rabbits were back in Gowanus. But that’s about to change, because besides the fact that the rabbits have probably gone indoors for the season, there are also a lot of events going on in the area this weekend you’re going to want to check out.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of reasons to spend a weekend in South BK. It’s just that this Saturday and Sunday are so very full of opportunities to breathe it all in! We couldn’t resist rounding up at least four reasons why you should be heading to South Brooklyn and staying there all weekend long. 

via Arts Gowanus FB
via Arts Gowanus FB

1. Because Arts Gowanus is having their annual open studios.
Ever year, Arts Gowanus hosts a walking tour of artist studios featuring hundreds of talented participants working in every medium: metallurgy, woodworking, ceramics, painting, jewelry-making and more. And not only that, the weekend also features a number of receptions, parties and performances. Now’s your chance to figure out exactly what goes on inside those cavernous warehouse buildings on the cobblestone streets you always walk past! Here’s a printable map of participating artists and spaces.


The wall says it all. via Industry City FB
The wall says it all. via Industry City FB

2. Because Industry City is doing open studios, too.
Sunset Park’s massive warehouse complex hosts a whole bunch of artists, too. Once you’re down in Gowanus, you may as well trek a little farther south to Industry City (274 36th Street) too, and check out what they’ve got going on this weekend. Their studios are open Saturday only, from 11am-6pm, so make that first on your list when planning the weekend.


Miss Rosa wasn't available for comment, but she probably loves South Brooklyn, too. via Instagram
Miss Rosa wasn’t available for comment, but she probably loves South Brooklyn, too. via Instagram

3. Because Emily Elsen says so.
Seems like just yesterday that resident pie goddess Emily Elsen told us all about her perfect summer Sunday in Gowanus. And while it’s not technically summer anymore, Elsen’s guide to the neighborhood still rings true. Plus, you know that fall breeze will feel dreamy while you wander along the canal. So once you’re done checking out Gowanus Open Studios, take a few of Elsen’s suggestions: go bouldering, play shuffleboard, try your hand at archery, or just cozy up inside a dimly-lit bar for dinner.


Explore a little Southern hospitality
Treat yourself to a little South Brooklyn hospitality

4. Because you can drink for cheap with our Beer Books.
You should absolutely be spending more time drinking in South Brooklyn, especially since we can help you do it. Our South Brooklyn edition of the Beer Book rounds up 28 bars, offering a free beer at each one. And can you believe the book is only $15? You can’t beat this deal; order your copy today and head down to BK’s seaside neighborhoods before it gets too cold.

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