We’re all throwing away billions of dollars in food, but here’s something you can do about it

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A composting bike from the Excess project. Photo via Twitter.

You might have just read this thing about how Americans waste some 40 percent of our food, which is like throwing away more than three slices of every pizza, while your roommates look on, angry with hunger. In addition to being a bad idea to waste money ($165 billion a year, according to that story), throwing away food is a great way to fill your home with those late-summer unwanted pest subletters. There are, of course, other options, which will be the subject of this free workshop at 3rd Ward on Saturday. Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga and Brooke Singer will be talking about their project called Excess, for which they have built a composting bike (that’s a bike that composts as it rides, not a compostable bike). They’ll cover what you can do to reduce food waste in the city; then they’re going to build a compost station for a Crown Heights garden and take that crazy bike out for a ride.

The event says it will explore what you can do to move the city closer to a future where all the edible food gets eaten, organic waste gets composted, and composted gets used to bio-remediate (such a fancy word) empty lots into gardens. After the workshop, they’ll be building a compost station for a Crown Heights garden, and ride that bike around.

Get details and RSVP here.

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  1. I think I saw this in my eccentric artist neighbor’s yard. I was wondering what she had planned for it. It’s a pretty cool idea, but wouldn’t it be better to cut down on serving sizes and the amount we buy instead of composting all that extra food? I mean, it is still just throwing it away…

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