Freelancers: A networking event worth putting pants on for

Just some coworking bros. Photo by Liz Clayman.

DIY valhalla 3rd Ward is already giving out free online artist portfolios; now they’re jumping into the growing coworking arena: they’ve got desks, wifi, free printing, scanning, free Intelligentsia Coffee and other features. But don’t take my word for it: you can check it for yourself at a free open house and freelance networking event on Thursday. Speakers include Althea Erickson, the advocacy and policy director of Freelancers Union, who will talk about social and political impact of the freelance movement and answer questions on freelancer rights; and Jessica Lawrence, managing director of NY Tech Meetup, who will talk about their monthly product presentations. Plus, free drinks and snacks, which is something this freelancer’s home office is severely lacking.

7-9:30pm, 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave., Williamsburg.


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