3 Times When Renting Might Be More Stressful Than Buying

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Renting is a lot less stressful than buying, right? Something breaks, you call your landlord. But what if something goes wrong and it is your problem? Like…

1. A pipe bursts in the wall, ruining all your belongings and making the apartment uninhabitable. How will you replace your Wilco vinyl? Where will you live?


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2. Someone breaks into your apartment and steals the MacBook you rely on for your freelance livelihood. How are you going to pay for another computer?

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3. You splurge on a cleaning service to conquer the grime that has accumulated due to your sub-par dusting skills. The maid slips off your step ladder and breaks her arm. What if she sues?


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Don’t panic. You can avoid these nightmare scenarios for less than the cost of your daily cup of bodega coffee.

The good news is that you can protect yourself from the unexpected for as little as $11.25 a month with renter’s insurance from Gotham Brokerage.

Here are three reasons renter’s insurance is the best $135 you’ll spend all year:

  • Renter’s insurance covers relocation expenses (including broker’s fees!) and will help replace your ruined stuff.
  • It will help replace stolen gadgets, sometimes even if they are taken outside of your apartment.
  • It protects you against personal injury liability including medical costs.

Gotham Brokerage is a local company with over 50 years experience helping New York renters and homeowners tailor policy limits and deductibles to fit individual budget and needs. Renter’s insurance policies typically range from about $135-$160 a year. Learn more and get a quick, free quote at gothambrokerage.com or call 212.406.7300.