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These 19 Brooklyn bars have special permits to serve you booze all night on New Year’s

Despite the puritanical liquor laws which disallow New York City grocery stores from selling booze, there are some perks when it comes to drinking in NYC. One which is not to be underrated, as it is far from a universal right, is that our bars (at least, those that are properly licensed) can serve alcohol from 7am to 4am every day but Sunday, when they can serve from noon to 4am.

Come New Year’s, when humans are especially keen on getting trashed well into the morning, special, limited “All Night Permits” allow some bars to serve booze nonstop well into January 1. This year, 173 bars statewide were permitted the honor, 19 of those in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn venues include Bushwick’s Boobie Trap, Elsewhere, Brooklyn Mirage, and a number of deep Brooklyn joints around Gravesend and Sheepshead Bay.

Here’s the full list of chosen bars, but don’t expect to recognize any of your faves, as they’re all listed by corporate-sounding LLC/Corp/Inc titles. 

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