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The 10 best cheap things to do this week, black and white edition

1. Think back to “Once upon a time…” at Tobin Tales, an improvised storytelling show using audience suggestions to tell a fully improvised story in the style of the dark and classic fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. (Monday, Vital Joint, $10)

2. Bring some breath mints to Whiskey Breath Songwriters Open Mic and perform any songs you are working on or have just finished in a welcoming open mic space, ending whenever the music runs out. (Monday, Precious Metal, FREE)

3. Don a red nose for All Kidding Aside: Class Clowns, hosted by Glo Shantae Butler whose teachers always called her the class clown, and featuring Ali Clayton, Fareeha Khan, Mary Beth Barone, and more. (Tuesday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE)

4. All genders can learn from Building Sustainable Masculinity by diving into masculinity from a personal and cultural perspective, exploring key questions and playing unique theatre-based games to develop a vocabulary for talking about masculinity. (Wednesday, X Marks the Loft, $25)

5. Have a sh*tty time at the History of Toilets that will explore the long and fascinating history of toilets, from ancient Mesopotamia to today. Thomas Crapper didn’t actually invent the toilet, but you’ll learn who did. (Wednesday, Brooklyn Brainery, $10)

6. It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to understand The Science of Epilepsy. This talk will attempt to demystify this disorder and address both the clinical appearance of epilepsy (what a seizure looks like) and what happens in the brain during a seizure. (Wednesday, Biotech Without Borders, FREE)

7. Smell fresh at the Natural Deodorant Workshop, where this comprehensive class will teach you how to make a natural deodorant using simple ingredients that kills bacteria and smells great that’s also aluminum free. (Thursday, Earth Speaks, $20)

8. Howl with laughter at The Good Dog Show: A Dog-Friendly Comedy Show, where you can bring your best friend to go onstage and do tricks, and also hear some hilarious comedy from Martin Urbano, Anna Drezen, Brett Davis, and more. (Thursday, DSK Kaffe, $5)

9. Fire off a roll this week and bring your own film to the B&W Non-Toxic Film Developing Workshop, where you’ll learn how to mix your own negative processing chemistry using a combination of consumable items from the grocery store: coffee and beer. (Friday, Bushwick Community Darkroom, FREE)

10. Get a little nerdy and a lot filthy at The Greatest Generation, a comedy podcast about Star Trek: The Next Generation, where the hosts tell you what’s great, what’s bad, and what’s hilarious about the show they grew up loving, and still do. (Friday, The Bell House, $25)

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