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10 Greenpoint meals for $10 or less

God bless the falafel at Godbless USA Deli. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)
The falafel at God Bless USA Deli is heavenly. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

There you are, out for an afternoon stroll (or drunken stumble) when the urge hits to strap on that feed bag. What can you eat in this trendy neighborhood that will fill you up without gutting your bank account? Here are 10 meals for under $10 or thereabouts, from donuts (yes, that’s a meal) to falafel to guwumpkis. 

USA Deli
818 Manhattan Ave.
Falafel, fries and a soda ($4.99)
If you’re looking for fast, down and dirty delicious fare, this grab and go deli (with its patriatic name) has killer falafel special for just five bucks. Other options like grilled cheese and fries, breakfast sandwiches, cheesesteaks and pretty much any other type of order you’d expect from a mediocre deli are around $6.25, but, this wipes them all out. They’re also open in the wee hours and have a good beer selection, so if falafel and a six pack sounds like a good night to you, God bless America.

Eagle Trading Co.
258 Franklin (Eagle St. & Commercial St.)
Smoked ham, brie & horseradish mustard on a fresh baguette ($7)
This coffee shop/lunch spot is hailed by Greenpointers for its next-level breakfast and bistro options and high-brow, low-cost coffee. An automatic win for us. Their sandwich offerings go beyond the classic BLT (nothing wrong with BLTs, just sayin’) without getting too fussy, and the ham and brie baguette (on your choice of baguette, wholegrain role, seven-grain bread or wrap carted over from Balthazar bakery) is a great choice. Add a latte and have yourself one famn dancy meal for $10.50.

560 Manhattan Ave.
Buttermilk biscuits and gravy ($8)
The too-classy-for-you illusion we first got from Enid’s completely dissipated after experiencing the friendly staff, casual atmosphere and buttermilk biscuits and gravy brunch option. At $8 for a half order and $10 for a full one, the pile of biscuity goodness (with both sausage and vegetarian gravy to choose from) is a treat, and quite a steal considering the venue’s location and popularity. The tasty southern comfort food all hovers at $10 or less for brunch and lunch and dinner creeps up to between $12 and $14. Sides and add-ons are $3, $4 and $5 and the cold brew coffee is always flowing here.

Krolewskie Jadlo 
694 Manhattan Ave.
Home made pierogis ($7)
(Options: cheese and potato, sauerkraut and mushrom, meat, mixed, sweet cheese)
Krolewskie Jadlo’s menu is as overwhelming as its portions (and of course we mean that in a good way) but the pierogis are a stand-out. They’re moist and flavorful, as any pierogi should be, and also cheap enough to stuff your face to the point of discomfort and still bring home leftovers without breaking a $20. Still hungry, you monster? Add on a bowl of chicken soup for $2.75.

You can do worse than Peter Pan donuts for dinner. (Photo: Patrick Phillips)
You can do worse than Peter Pan donuts for dinner. (Photo: Patrick Phillips)

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
727 Manhattan Ave.
2 donuts and a coffee ($3.25)
If you haven’t been to Peter Pan yet, you’re missing out on the Neverland of donut shops. The prices and pastries are so magical, they induce happy thoughts — donuts for $1, coffee and tea for $1.25, bagels, muffins, pastries and hot chocolate all around $1.50 — can you imagine? Red velvet donuts, apple crumb muffins… the old-fashioned glazed and autumn spice donuts are mouthfuls of perfect, but you can stretch your imagination as far as you can here.

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave.
10 wings and a PBR ($6, 3-6pm M-F)
This lunch place by day, music venue by night brought us one of the best deals in town: $0.50 cent wings and $1 PBRs from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday. Solid mac & cheese, chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers are all $10 or less. Brunchier options include eggs any style ($7), bacon egg & cheese, huevos rancheros and housemade biscuits and gravy ($9). If you’re looking beyond PBR for that palate, Matchless has a pretty consistently decent beer selection, too, with local brews like KeLso and craft domestics like Smuttynose and Peak Organic almost always on tap, and with the buy one, get one happy hour, it’s hard to resist.

The guwumpus at the Northside Bakery. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)
The guwumpkiss at the Northside Bakery. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

Northside Bakery
(Division of Old Poland Foods LLC. Not the Northside Bakery in Williamsburg.)
190 Nassau Ave.
Guwumpkis: ($2.75 each)
Words (and possibly my spelling) cannot do justice to the Northside’s guwumpkis—also known as golabkis or stuffed cabbage leaves with beef and rice. They are, first of all, huge, so one is more than enough for dinner. They are, second of all, soft, juicy and smothered in a expertly stewed crushed tomato sauce. Third, they are outrageously cheap, and offered in a style that’s basically like a cafeteria for grown ups but way better. Everything’s cooked fresh, served hot and priced between $2 and $4 tops. Coffee is $0.90 cents for a small and $1.40 for a large, and there are pastries aplenty that are fresh, fluffy and frugal-friendly.

Sunset Diner 
593 Meeker Ave.
Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich ($5.75)
This friendly gem under the BQE rarely disappoints. Especially the souvlaki, which is consistently satisfying and cheaper than it should be. In the unlikely event that you’re still hungry, you can add on a beautiful thing called the Athenian French fries — sprinkled with oregano and feta cheese — for $3.95. If you’re splurgy enough to add a coffee, you’re still only at $10.95, and that’s pretty damn good considering the cup is refillable and you just ate a Grecian feast. A fair warning: beware of taxidermy birds.

The pho at A+ Lollipop lives up to the name. The lollipop part, not so much. (Photo: Patrick Phillips)
At A+ Lollipop, the pho is your friend.  (Photo: Patrick Phillips)

A+ Lollipop

685 Manhattan Ave (Norman Ave. & Nassau Ave.)
Pho and bubble tea lunch special ($8.50)
(Choices: grilled chicken, white meat chicken, grilled pork, vegetarian, beef, meatball, dumpling)
While their name makes no sense whatsoever, this Vietnamese take out/sit down sandwich palace has a place on our honor roll for its simple, delicious and fast-served pho, served amid pink walls and barely contemporary pop music. Ordered a la carte, sandwiches that cost $4.75 during the day drop to $4 at night. Check out the nighttime special menu for other late-night bargains.

Manhattan Three Decker 
695 Manhattan Ave. (Bedford Ave. & Norman Ave.)
Breakfast special ($4.75)
Manhattan Three Decker is also our favorite diner (hey, it’s the 2000’s, let us love). The big winner here is the breakfast special: two eggs any style, with potatoes, toast and coffee for $4.75. Go ahead and reread that again, I’ll wait… Amazing, isn’t it? If you’re not in the mood for a really good deal (or eggs just aren’t your thing), go for the namesake: the sliced turkey and bacon Manhattan triple decker with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise is freakin’ delicious and served with a pickle, fries and coleslaw for $9.25.

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