The Yellow King will be crowned at Silent Barn’s ‘True Detective’ marathon Sunday

yellow king true detective

The Yellow King has been there the whole time. Of course!

Time is a flat circle and we are trapped in eternity, doomed to repeat episodes of True Detective over and over again over drinks, which doesn’t sound so bad actually. Still, you don’t want to do it alone, so why not hit The Silent Barn’s Yellow King welcome party/8-hour marathon of True Detective this Sunday? Starting at 1pm and leading into the big finale at 9pm, they’ll be showing every episode of the first season, with time scheduled afterwards for people to pick their collective jaws off the floor and stop weeping.

In between the episodes, Title:Point will be providing readings from weird fiction murder playbook The King In Yellow and, we assume, will also be providing hoods and deer antlers for maximum creepiness. Come out and have some beers before turning the cans into gruesome tableaus (caution: consuming beers and then playing with knives is not recommended by Silent Barn or anyone really) and exchange thoughts on whose murderous wife and father-in-law are totally in on it with other occult fiction/southern drawl enthusiasts.

Admission to the marathon is donation-based, but you don’t want to be the monster at the end of the dream in the room who doesn’t pay, so throw’em a few bucks. Just remember, you’re drinking every time a creepy hillbilly says something ominous to no one in particular, 19th century literature is referenced, or if those two other detectives ever find the damn church. Of course, if you’ve really been watching closely, you know the ending, but hey, what else are you and your four friends going to do?

True Detective marathon and season finale screening, Sunday, March 9, 1pm – 11pm, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick, Donations requested