Women be jokin’ and 9 other free things happening this week

Lizz Winstead will be at Powerhouse on Wednesday, running over the patriarchy. via Metro Philadelphia

1. Help raise money for Manufacture New York, a project dedicated to providing resources for small fashion designers around the city. Because why live in a world where all our fashion collections come from a Kardashian? Also there will be ice cream. (Monday)

2. For the uninitiated, “god mode” in video games is a cheat code that makes you invincible. And while you might feel like that two hours into the open bar at Delinquency, don’t test your new theory. (Monday)

3. There are more free CMJ shows than you can pack into a barrel. The exact number of which is six. (Tuesday – Saturday)

4. Watch the second debate, where Obama will be much better (right, Barry?), with W Kamau Bell. Because screaming at the TV alone in your apartment just gets depressing. (Tuesday)

5. Yael Kohen hosts a discussion on the evolution of women and comedy. Adam Carolla will be there in an elaborate disguise, learning what a dickhead he is. (Wednesday)

6. New Lena Dunham (and passive-aggressive site crush) Emma Koenig pops in at Greenlight Books to share the stage with other comedic authors. (Thursday)

7. Knicks fans have been telling Nets fans to screw themselves for years, and Babeland apparently couldn’t agree more. (Friday)

8. Dads head to the Park Slope food co-op to talk about parenting and how they aren’t all morons like on Guys With Kids.(Friday)

9. If you’ve ever drank a beer so good you wanted to hug the person who made it, now’s your chance. (Friday)

10. Party like it’s 1999, when you were 15. So leave your spacephone at home and act like you’re a virgin again. (Friday)

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