What did you score at Score?

Zack Fisher and Alex Nelson totally scored.

Zack Fisher and Alex Nelson totally scored.

Over a thousand people attended the massively fun Score! Pop-up Swap at 3rd Ward on Saturday, where our photographer Eric Reichbaum snapped portraits of participants and their finds—like Zack Fisher and Alex Nelson (left) who proudly display a conveniently-sized dry-erase board and a train-shapped sippy cup. A Score indeed! Eric’s photos are awesome, if we say so ourselves. Check out the first few in our Flickr pool—more on the way—where you can also add your own shots from the event.

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  • A train shaped sippy cup? Gimme a break. Are you kidding me?

  • hey-where r the other pics?

  • totally blogged: nick cave vhs, couple of dresses, 2 bracelets, vegetarian holiday cards, and vegan cookbooks!

  • I got a silk vintage dress, rainboots with anchors on them, and The World’s Best Exotic Dancers (1930s-1940s) DVD. hawt.

  • I tried on heels – with a dice that really rolls in the platform. Luck be a lady, indeed. http://yfrog.com/3nhg1kj

  • My friend scored a t-shirt with the Golden Girls embroidered on the front!

  • I got a cool Levis Jacket, a puma bag, some shades, some fatigue pants, a nice messenger bag, some awesome lauryn hill tile coasters, and some CDs! I had a great time! Cant wait for the next one!

    I thought I was just going there to unload some stuff and get it out of my way, I ended up going home with more crap that I dont need! And I love it all! haha

  • i scored a pair of old bebe jeans with sparkled ack pockets..i think they were the ones i always wanted in 8th grade! Eric all the pictures are awesome and the one you took of me is the only picture ive ever ever liked especially since i always look very odd in them-thanks a bunch:) Cant wait for the next Score!

  • I got a movie about gay Mormon men, which sadly has Jacqueline Bissett and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (among others) in it:

    Also, ’80s travel Trivial Pursuit!

  • when are the rest of the pics coming out? Its been forever!