Too much water is not a good thing: help save the NY Aquarium

What? No, we’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye. Photo by Julie Larsen Maher

While Sandy damaged but didn’t sweep away the Brooklyn Bridge Park carousel, some of Brooklyn’s living, breathing animals weren’t quite so lucky. Despite the fact that plenty of them live in water anyway, the residents of the New York Aquarium live in carefully monitored environments, ones that don’t take very well to say, the ocean and sewage runoff rushing in. So showing some cross-borough love, TriBeca toy store TorlyKid is leading a fundraising drive for the aquarium, which is closed at the moment.

You can help by making a donation through PayPal, showing up at the store and making your donation while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, or stopping by the store at a crafts and educational event being held in January, date TBA. The Aquarium staff have been working around the clock to try to get it set to re-open, and if that’s not enough of a reason to donate, consider this: if you ever have kids, the Aquarium is a great way to keep them entertained for a day, and unlike the Cyclone, they probably won’t puke on you when it’s over.