09/09/14 1:21pm

“…and Vogue spoke and the sky turned black and the rents spiked with a fury like that of a volcano.” via Flickr user mercurialn

If it seems like just a year ago that Vogue was calling Bushwick “disfavored” and talking about how it was so impossible to get there because even the train full of poors doesn’t put you where you want, well you’re right, it has just been a year. Still, so much changes in a year and if you’re going to suck the essence of youth dry, you have to keep up with said youth, so Vogue now says “Time to hop on the L!” because Bushwick is the 7th coolest neighborhood in the whole world. (more…)

02/10/14 3:47pm
alexander wang brooklyn fashion week

These models look unhappy, but we’re not sure if it’s because they’re in Brooklyn or because they’ve been transformed into mannequins by a gypsy curse. via Yahoo

So we figured that after the first round of bellyaching about having to come to Brooklyn, the fashion world’s hilariously out of touch mucky mucks would take another Klonopin, settle down and just accept having to travel a whole 2.5 miles from the Manhattan Bridge. Well, guess again plebe, because Vogue UK was at the Alexander Wang show and they barely survived their trip “in the deepest depths of Brooklyn.” (more…)

01/22/14 11:30am
cafe grumpy

Fun fact: Cafe Gumpy is a real place

Whenever Vogue comes to Brooklyn, it’s reason for celebration. Not because it “legitimizes” Brooklyn, or whatever some stupid person would say, but because you’re bound to find something howlingly funny that our fashionable betters have printed about Brooklyn. Or at least that’s how it used to be. The advertising flipbook magazine came to Greenpoint and delivered a more or less dry guide to Brooklyn’s northernmost point. Are they bored with trolling us suddenly? (more…)

01/29/13 1:22pm
Just like 2 Broke Girls! Photo by François Halard via Vogue.

Brooklyn is just like 2 Broke Girls Gone Country! Photo by François Halard via Vogue.

It’s unfortunate, but there are still people who move to Brooklyn and consider it some kind of exotic foreign land. Even worse than that, plenty of media outlets will give them the space to wax rhapsodic about what a strange and enchanting place they’ve moved to. You know, because you have a house. In a city. Vogue talked to Miranda Brooks (who’s a landscaper for the well-to-do) and Bastien Halard, a couple who moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan and seem eager to troll their new neighbors with the most stunningly oblivious quote in the history of Brooklyn trend stories. (more…)

04/18/12 10:21am

Here's Iman in the latest issue.

I used to know a guy who ran the business side of The Nation magazine and his title was president. He would go around telling everyone that he was “president of the nation.” People sure were impressed! There’s a job today on MediaBistro that offers similar opportunity for title bloat: you can be the editor of Vogue. (more…)

08/31/09 9:29am

picture-291Here’s another positive outcome of the downturn: fashion magazines—and designers, too it seems—are finally paying attention to those of us with realistic fall shopping budgets. Exhibit A: a ridiculously cheap $5 cuff from Marc by Marc Jacobs, featured in a slideshow on Elle.com, where you can find a whole bunch of ways to get fall’s big runway looks—’80s chic, boudoir dressing and biker babe (in a nutshell, Alexander Wang)—for under $50.

When it comes to cheap fashion finds, all the kids are doing it. InStyle is showing makeup for under $15, Marie Claire curates 50 fall fashion trends under $100, Oprah calls its under-$100 discoveries fun fall “pick-me-ups,” Lucky has 15 of them (no offense, but that’s it?), Glamour puts a “sexy” twist on the under-$100 device. Even Vogue—where a $400 Tracy Feith bikini typically passes as a steal—has its 100 under $100 guide.

Harper’s Bazaar is in its own universe with a high fashion under $500 story—“now is the right time to treat yourself to some (affordable) style—but the mag redeems itself with a hilarious declaration—”arms are the new face!”—and a month’s worth of Saks giveaways. Whoever said there was no such thing as a free jar of Creme de la Mer?