Now hiring an editor for Vogue (mumbles) magazine

Here's Iman in the latest issue.

I used to know a guy who ran the business side of The Nation magazine and his title was president. He would go around telling everyone that he was “president of the nation.” People sure were impressed! There’s a job today on MediaBistro that offers similar opportunity for title bloat: you can be the editor of Vogue.

You see, it’s not this Vogue magazine, the one that currently has an editor named Anna Wintour. It’s Vogue Patterns, which features articles on why you should own a treadle sewing machine and how to make an A-line skirt. Vogue Patterns hasn’t had an official connection to the mothership since 1961, but it gets to keep the name even though it’s now owned by the McCall Pattern company. (Anna must LOVE that.)

Thing is, if you get this gig, nobody can tell you that you’re NOT the editor of Vogue. A Vogue, anyway. And Vogue Patterns themselves are designed by the likes of Alice + Olivia, Rebecca Taylor and Anna Sui, so there’s another feather in your fashion cap. Here are a few of the Vogue Patterns editorĀ  requirements from the MediaBistro job listing:

– Story planning as it relates to sewing, garment construction, and related topics.
– Overseeing all editorial and design on website.
– Sourcing new, and managing existing contributors/freelancers in delivery of content; and ensuring copy is executed on schedule.
– Working with freelancers and contributors, and other staff members to brainstorm on new and exciting content.
– Taking ownership of all tasks as related to the production of the magazine, and online social media content.
– Striving for, and optimizing the wow-factor of each issue.
– Managing an editorial budget.
– Monitoring Facebook posts, and responding to posts as needed.

Candidates should also be “well versed in garment construction, and sewing; and have ample experience overseeing all aspects of magazine editorial, preferably for a craft magazine.” There’s no mention of a $200K annual clothing allowance, but you can ask at the interview if you get to be carried down stairs by bodyguards. See you at Marc Jacobs!

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  1. chic noir

    My God Iman is fly. I can’t wait to receive my May issue. This pic is going up on my wall in a frame.

    There are so many brooklyn hipster girls who can do a smash up job for vogue patterns.

  2. nancyagain

    The position was filled, and the individual who was hired was out in less than two months. I understand Vogue Patterns has quite a revolving door when it comes to their editors.

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