In fashion mags, under $100 is the new broke

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Here’s another positive outcome of the downturn: fashion magazines—and designers, too it seems—are finally paying attention to those of us with realistic fall shopping budgets. Exhibit A: a ridiculously cheap $5 cuff from Marc by Marc Jacobs, featured in a slideshow on, where you can find a whole bunch of ways to get fall’s big runway looks—’80s chic, boudoir dressing and biker babe (in a nutshell, Alexander Wang)—for under $50.

When it comes to cheap fashion finds, all the kids are doing it. InStyle is showing makeup for under $15, Marie Claire curates 50 fall fashion trends under $100, Oprah calls its under-$100 discoveries fun fall “pick-me-ups,” Lucky has 15 of them (no offense, but that’s it?), Glamour puts a “sexy” twist on the under-$100 device. Even Vogue—where a $400 Tracy Feith bikini typically passes as a steal—has its 100 under $100 guide.

Harper’s Bazaar is in its own universe with a high fashion under $500 story—“now is the right time to treat yourself to some (affordable) style—but the mag redeems itself with a hilarious declaration—”arms are the new face!”—and a month’s worth of Saks giveaways. Whoever said there was no such thing as a free jar of Creme de la Mer?

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    • Lauren: the cuff is Marc by Marc Jacobs, available in his stores for $5, according to elle. Let us know if you actually get one!

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I managed to get my hands on one of these MJ snake bracelets… it’s pretty nice for $5!

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