10/16/15 12:00pm
via Flickr user Eoghan OLionnain

They’ve learned so much from us, but some of it was evil. via Flickr user Eoghan OLionnain

What do we know about Sweden? We know that they love love love Brooklyn. They do picklebacks because we do them! They have their own Brooklyn Brewery plant! They have a bar named for us! It’s all very adorable how much the Brooklyn spirit has infected Sweden. The newest cute tribute to Brooklyn coming out of Sweden? Gothamist shares the story of an imported Swedish property manager refusing to make repairs for rent regulated tenants in their new Crown Heights apartment acquisition. Just like corrupt Brooklyn landlords! (more…)

05/29/14 7:00am
bar brooklyn sweden

First sign somethings amiss: velvet ropes. All photos by Madelyn Owens

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Tucked away on a dark waterfront street, there is a crowd of young men in beanies and skinny jeans smoking cigarettes outside of a dark bar advertising Brooklyn Lager. Its been several blocks since you saw the last local “micro-chain” cafe, and the area is starting to look a little shady. You appreciate the view of the city across the water as you walk under the bridge to approach the bar, but you’re not in DUMBO anymore, Toto. This is Bar Brooklyn in Stockholm, Sweden. (more…)

01/27/14 12:53pm
Allt For Sverige

Approximate size of most Swedish houses

America is a land of immigrants, of people who came to these shores because they were chased out of their home or because they dreamed that one day their children could be insolent whiners wearing Buddy Holly glasses. If you’ve been curious about your far-off ancestors, a Swedish reality show can help you with that. Provided you’re Swedish, they want to cast you in a show where you compete to meet your Swedish relatives. (more…)

07/26/13 1:12pm
Min dåliga, y'all. via France 24

Min dåliga, y’all. via France 24

So we’ve heard all about how Brooklyn can’t get enough of Sweden and Sweden can’t get enough of Brooklyn. You’d think the political scenes of the freezing socialist kingdom and our own land ruled over by a (mostly) benevolent billionaire wouldn’t necessarily overlap, but today you’d be wrong, because Swedish politics had their own dick pic scandal. But of course everyone was much more laid back and European about the whole thing. (more…)

07/18/13 9:41am
Our teenage years were just like this

Our teenage years were just like this

1. Head to Book Court for a reading from a book about the Beach Boys’ history as a touring band. Should be a real mental health issues surfin’ safari! (Friday)

2. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about oysters, but were afraid to ask, at 3rd Ward. But why were you afraid to ask questions about oysters? (Friday)

3. Rooftop Films hosts a screening of i hate myself :), a film about self-loathing in the style of a home movie. So kinda like watching your home movies, but with more bad sex (Friday) (more…)

07/08/13 10:05am
Put this in song form and you can go to Sweden. Photo by Madelyn Owens

Put this in song form and you can go to Sweden. Photo by Madelyn Owens

How do you say “Coney Island” in Swedish? Um, according to Google Translate, “Coney Island.” Feel free to correct us if you speak Swedish. Or even better, save that email and write a catchy song about Coney Island, because like they did last year, Brooklyn Brewery wants to send a songwriter to beautiful Stockholm, Sweden! Lycka till (good luck)! (more…)

02/14/13 9:13am
Titta på den här jävla hipster. Photo by Johan Knobe

Titta på den här jävla hipster. Photo by Johan Knobe

We previously brought you news of Brooklyn Brewery expanding their operations to Sweden, of all places. Was it because Steve Hindy really loves Robyn, or wants to get in good with the Swedish National Bikini team? Both are possibilities, but the only confirmed reason for the move right now is that Sweden is the new Brooklyn. And not in a “Stockholm is cool according to Forbes” way. New York Magazine went across the sea to check out the scene there and it turns out everyone has beards, flannel and listens to Sigur Ros. Well OK, maybe they have more of a claim on that last one. (more…)

01/07/13 1:00pm
What else is there to say? Photo by Brooklyn Brewery.

What else is there to say? Photo by Brooklyn Brewery.

There’s not much crossflow in cultural knowledge between Brooklyn and Sweden. Thanks to them, we’ve got Vikings, Swedish Fish candies, meatballs, Ikea (obviously), and this one songwriting competition about the G train whose winner was sent to Sweden. It’s not a very extensive list, but now we have a big bragging right that we can tag onto it: the building of a Brooklyn Brewery in Stockholm. Hopefully they don’t take our champion, The Defender, with them. (more…)

07/26/12 3:00pm

From the entry “G Train: A Reluctant Love Song” by Alan James Markley.

We knew everyone has feelings about the G train, but never would have guessed people had such strong, melodic, yearning feelings about it. Since Brooklyn Brewery announced a contest to write a song about the line everyone loves to hate (with the prize of a trip to Sweden for the winner), people really took up the challenge in intense ways, producing slick videos, heartfelt love songs and goofy laments. The Brewery released the list of 10 finalists today, which you can vote on over the next week. The songs cover a spectrum: there’s a folksy duet, a shoegazey love song, an upbeat bossa nova number, a melodic bit of pop, one R&B ditty, a Bananarama homage and a catchy auto-tune jam. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the one below might be our jam. (more…)

06/25/12 2:59pm

Just like me/ they long to G

Sometimes the G train takes so much heat we almost feel bad for it (especially since it’s statistically pretty good), but then we end up stuck at Nassau Ave at 4am banging our drunk heads against the wall feeling like it’s been forever-ever since the train has passed these parts and we start cursing its name again. So why not channel your rage into a song? Brooklyn Brewery is holding a contest: if you can write the best song about the G train, they’ll fly you to a big festival in Sweden this Labor Day weekend. Any guesses what the G train has to do with Sweden? (more…)