10 surprisingly catchy songs about the G train

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From the entry “G Train: A Reluctant Love Song” by Alan James Markley.

We knew everyone has feelings about the G train, but never would have guessed people had such strong, melodic, yearning feelings about it. Since Brooklyn Brewery announced a contest to write a song about the line everyone loves to hate (with the prize of a trip to Sweden for the winner), people really took up the challenge in intense ways, producing slick videos, heartfelt love songs and goofy laments. The Brewery released the list of 10 finalists today, which you can vote on over the next week. The songs cover a spectrum: there’s a folksy duet, a shoegazey love song, an upbeat bossa nova number, a melodic bit of pop, one R&B ditty, a Bananarama homage and a catchy auto-tune jam. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the one below might be our jam.

This one is called “We Take the G” by Abby & Chris, and it wins us over with its cute use of papercrafts in the video, sweet harmonies and a rad rock n roll breakdown about 2 minutes in. (This auto-tune might be a close second)

Voting closes Aug. 1; pick your favorite here! The winner gets a trip to Sweden, accommodations and ticket to the Brooklyn, Sweden festival.

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