03/23/16 11:00am
acidpolly / flickr

We’re going to be in line. Are you? via acidpolly / Flickr

Ever since the first hint of winter chill breezed past us late last fall, we’ve been gearing up for Summer 2016. You know this already because you’ve seen us trying to convince you that it’s summer even when it’s not. And if there’s one thing we can say for certain, it’s that a real Brooklyn summer always starts on Coney Island. Perhaps you too have been waiting all year for the day when you could once again survey your Brooklyn kingdom from atop a swinging car on Deno’s Wonder Wheel.

Well saints be praised, that day has finally come.

It’s time for the 31st Annual Blessing of the Rides at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, which also marks the official opening of Coney Island’s amusement parks and attractions for the whole summer season. From this Sunday (March 20) [UPDATE: Opening day was postponed due to the weather; now it’s on Saturday, March 26] on, you can ride the Cyclone, frolic along the boardwalk and rot your teeth on candy apples, soaking in the promise of another Indian summer that this joyous occasion brings. Too much? Nah, we don’t think so. The Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone are giving out free rides to the first customers too! (more…)

01/08/16 4:21pm
Interstate Projects-Art Gallery-Brokelyn-Williamsburg-Brooklyn

Image via Interstate Projects

An art gallery in East Williamsburg is offering free studio space for three months to one lucky artist out there. The gallery, Interstate Projects, is offering applications for all you artists to a studio they have right next to their 66 Knickerbocker St. location. According to DNAinfo, you have until Feb. 15 to submit your application, with each applicant being judged by a panel consisting of artists, writers and curators. If you are too established, well you can’t apply, or you could, but you would be rejected immediately and also questioned as to why you need free studio space. (more…)

02/12/14 11:01am
prospect park winter

Why pay on Valentine’s Day when you can walk through a tunnel of love (of sorts) in Prospect Park? via Flickr user Mambo’Dan

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: Duane Reade is guilting you with boxes of overpriced chocolates you now feel pressured to buy for your main squeeze on that “special” day. If you’re reading Brokelyn, you probably want to impress a significant other without breaking the bank (unless you’re these guys) and sometimes collaging pictures together from your road trip to Philly just isn’t going to cut it. In the spirit of romance and all that, here’s a ready-to-go, adventure-packed and couples-approved free Valentine’s Day in BK. It won’t cost you anything, but there may be a few catches along the way.  (more…)

You need to do this if you want a job at Acme Sales.

Knowing how to make a decent spreadsheet is one of the four computer skills that separates the office pros from the noobs. (The other three: PowerPoint, Photoshop, and being able to do more with Word than format term papers. Or whatever you add in the comments.) Maybe you learned Excel in college, or maybe you, like me, are shamed by people who whip their data into elegant color-keyed presentations while your shitty little black and white cells look more like pages from the phone book. You could noodle around until you figure it out, or you could take a free Excel class from the Brooklyn Public Library, which also offers classes here and there in Word and PowerPoint. Here are all the Excel classes we could find this summer: (more…)

06/14/12 7:00am

Rock Rock, Rockaway Bus

How many summer mornings have you woken up thinking, Today’s the day I’ll learn to surf, or What a beautiful day to go to a beach lacking in buried syringes, then considered the schlep to Far Rockaway and curled back up on your mattress? Lame, you guys — commit! I’ve traveled to this gem of Queens real estate by train (F to the A from Park Slope), bus (B44 to Q35 from BedStuy), and car (nondescript sedan). And yes, each trip — even driving — took more than an hour. In my opinion, it’s totally worth the time investment (bring a book), but a new company called Rockabus is launching this weekend to make the commute to the coast a little less draining. The service, which runs between Rockaway and Williamsburg (pickup at Union and Meeker – we triple checked with the Rockabus people!), will cost $10 one way and $18 round trip. And to kick it off, you can ride it free all this weekend. (more…)

01/23/12 7:04am
Prospect Park pine needles

Pine needles or sap en brochette? Prospect Park photo by Karen Orlando, of the Outside Now blog.

The feast-happy foodies over at Issue Project Room tell are sponsoring a free (multi-course!) meal on Feb. 4, featuring foraged and gleaned local plants and animals. We’re not exactly sure what sort of vegetation to expect in the dead of February when even the feral cats are on the DL, so we’ll let hand it over to them:

Interested in eating a foraged meal but don’t have the time/mycological certification/emergency care insurance to forage yourself? Join Spurse at Issue Project Room on 2/4 for a mid-winter multi-course feast comprised of foraged and gleaned local plants and animals in UNIQUE preparations (think novelty, not decompo-stronomy). (more…)

06/01/11 1:53pm

Cool graphic by Meghan Doherty.

Is it us, or is there a jam-packed ferry load of all kinds of crazy free stuff going on this summer? It’s looking like the best summer evah for Brokesters, and your busy elves at Brokelyn are putting all the fun stuff into a single list so you don’t have to reach for your wallet until September. We don’t want to miss anything, so if you’ve got a free concert, movie, Korean slider, bikini flash mob, horror movie series for toddlers… tell us all about it at our new email box just for free events: free [at] brokelyn [dot] com.

09/15/10 5:03pm
Looks fun enough

Looks fun enough

Okay, so maybe this isn’t for most of us, but if you happen to be gearing up for the NYC Marathon, you might jump all over it. There’s a bib (meaning a spot in the race) available for this Sunday’s (Sept. 19) 18-mile Marathon tune-up in Central Park. The owner “has to” work that day and “can’t” run the 7 a.m. race, so the spot’s up for grabs. Online registration for the tune-up closed at midnight last night, so this is a second chance to get in on the 18 miles of fun. Here’s the full listing.

07/20/09 6:45am

open_sourceThe day PCs started coming factory loaded with trial software, I made the switch—after draining my bank account to buy a computer, the notion of also paying for software was almost offensive. It wasn’t hard at all, because I discovered a parallel universe of free, open-source software—which is collaboratively developed and modified by users rather than licensed by a single company—that you don’t have to be an IT guy to figure out. In recent years, open-source alternatives to bread-and-butter applications like Microsoft Office have become novice-friendly and in some cases, better than their commercial counterparts. (more…)

07/15/09 4:07pm

picture-234Recently, I’ve had to cut my  book buying from a few new ones a month to just a few a year. Then I  came across a new web site called www.paperbackswap.com—and it’s great. Basically, you sign up and post books you are willing to send out. For each book you send out, you get a credit you can exchange for a book from another member.  To start, if you list 10 books, you even get two “free credits.” Your only cost is the postage for the book you send out  (so don’t list the Oxford English Dictionary!) (more…)