03/16/17 2:50pm
Come make your mark on Brownstoner's Service's page. It wants your love and attention, it told us so personally

Come make your mark on Brownstoner’s Service’s page. It wants your love and attention, it told us so personally

There’s a whole world of home improvement waiting to be sold, and you could be the one for the job. Are you interested in interior design, renovations, and getting to know the hard-working community of locals who makes it happen (AKA electricians, ironworkers, chimney specialists and other Brooklynites who quite literally help us all keep the lights on)? Brooklyn’s leading real estate and home renovation website and our sister site, Brownstoner, is looking to hire a Digital Sales Associate to come work with us in our shared Dumbo office. (more…)

02/13/17 9:35am
Brownstoner Schneps Communications Acquisition Collage

Brooklyn Bridge photo by Mary Hautman

Brokelyn’s got a new sister site: welcome to the network, Brownstoner! Our publisher, family-owned media company Schneps Communications, has officially added Brownstoner to the Schneps network alongside us, The Brooklyn Home Reporter, The Brooklyn Spectator and The Queens Courier.

If you don’t know, Brownstoner was launched in 2004 by Brooklyn Flea founder Jonathan Butler and chronicles change in BK through the lens of real estate. Brownstoner also hosts real estate listings, a community forum for connecting with neighbors, and a directory of home improvement professionals. The also have a boss Insta account. Now you know. (more…)

12/17/15 2:41pm
Get some doors on your wall

Get some doors on your wall

The door is the window to a building’s soul, as the old saying goes that we didn’t just make up now. You might not think about doors all the time, since a lot of them are just plain glass or beat up old wood or steel, but some doors in Brooklyn make you stop, take a look and take a picture while you think “This is gonna get me so many damn Instagram likes.” Rather than force you to go out and seek doors like that, which could take all day, Brownstoner has put together a whole poster of pictures of their favorite doors called “The Doors of Brooklyn.” A fitting name, really. It’s big and colorful and best of all, you can win it for free! How? Keep reading. (more…)

10/22/15 1:39pm
Just call him "Sweeney Doors." via Browstoner

You might as well have called him “Sweeney Doors.” via Browstoner

You can tell a lot about a person by their front door. Well, maybe not, since a lot of different families live behind each one. But anyway, there are a lot of good doors out there. And ICYMI last month, Brownstoner launched an Instagram challenge asking readers to submit pictures of their favorite Brooklyn doors, in order to commemorate the work of late artist Joseph Lee Sweeney, famed for his 2004 poster, “The Doors of Brooklyn.”

Opportunity still knocks, brokesters: there are two days left to submit a photo of a door to the competition! Winners will have their photo memorialized on a new “The Doors of Brooklyn” poster to be revealed on Sweeney’s birthday, October 24. (more…)

07/29/13 2:28pm
There will be beer in here soon. (via apts and lofts)

There will be beer in here soon. (via apts and lofts)

Well kids, here comes Crown Heights. The ball’s started rolling on a massive redeveloped commercial complex in the neighborhood that promises to boast office space for “creative” ventures, along with a beer hall, coffee house and food incubator. That’s right: offices, food and BEER. Brace yourselves for the rent hikes, ladies and gentlemen! (more…)

02/16/12 9:04am

gothamist apartment featureWe love the Gothamist as much as the next blog, as long as we’re not alone with their commenters on a subway platform at 2 a.m. We don’t blame the site for attracting such ruthless opinionators, but we couldn’t hold back a chuckle when we saw that they’re inviting readers to share their apartment photos for what must be some kind of Apartment Therapy/Design*Sponge/Brownstoner voyeuristic feature. So… who’s first?

Fancy yourself a DIY Kelly Wearstler? No, you’re an asshat. Do you consider your decor groovy modern cottage? Actually it’s douchebaggery. Pretty proud of the style you’ve managed to achieve through a combination of Craigslist and sidewalk castoffs? FAIL!!! And no matter what the place looks like, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re  a dirty hipster.

In fact, nary an apartment has appeared and they’re are already piling on. Says one Virgilstarkwell: “this is great: i’ve always wanted to see the basements of their parents houses’ that some of the commenters here call home.”


[via Gothamist]

02/05/12 11:16pm
kerhonkson house

A humble little slice of the Catskills dream: 576 feet, 3 acres, $54,900.

This we did not know until we were turned on to the addictive new real estate blog Upstater, which has a weekly budget-friendly house roundup called Five-Figure Fridays, featuring rock-bottom Catskills properties. To be sure, not all are beauts, but there are some cute finds. In the latest FFF roundup, “at least three of them seemed inhabitable,” Upstater writes. “A couple of them could probably transform into something closer to adorable with a little love.” The favorite: a 576-foot cottage on three acres of land. (more…)

08/19/11 2:54am

sxsw logoIn late August, our minds naturally turn to end-of-summer beach bonfires, brainy fall pursuits and the South by Southwest interactive conference only seven short months away. OK, it may seem a little early for most of us to start thinking about Geekstock, but not for the organizer elves, who are faced with selecting dozens of panels from hundreds of applications. And what do you know, there’s one about Brooklyn in the pile! Erica from Fucked in Park Slope has put together a pitch on How the Internet Made BK Famous, featuring speakers from the likes of Brownstoner, Brooklyn Based, and some blog about living big on small change in Brooklyn. The competition at SXSW is fierce — and we need your vote if we wanna bloviate, Brooklyn-style. Please pick our panel, and we’ll buy you a beer in Austin. (Long as they have Brooklyn Brewery.)

12/01/10 1:26pm

Photo via Brownstoner

These public auctions that pop up now and then are always good for a glimpse of what kind of home just might, conceivably, be a remote possibility at some point in our lives. A Kings County Real Property Auction is set for next Tuesday, Dec. 7, and Brownstoner picks out a few items that are likely to pique considerable interest. There’s a three-story MacDonough St. brownstone starting at $295K, a Park Slope brownstone at $950K and a place in Bed Stuy for $290K. But take a look at the full auction ad, and you’ll see some intriguingly cheap listings, with a handful starting around $100K. We’re not sure where some of these places are, but they’re real houses in Brooklyn. And those price tags are hard to ignore. What do you think, would you head to one of these auctions with 10 percent in hand for a shot at a building of your own? The full ad’s here.

via Brownstoner

06/22/09 11:34am

picture-74Brownstoner is reporting today that home-design scamp Jonathan Adler is opening a store on Atlantic Avenue, between Hoyt and Bond. Yay! So why is a budget-living site excited about a guy who makes $550 boob vases and other yuppie catnip? Because he’s fun, dammit. He once told us that his favorite-ever holiday party was the one where a guest brought Lee Press-On nails and everyone put them on, men and women alike. And who else but Adler would put a sign in his new Brooklyn storefront window announcing “your 24-hour pot dealer”? Plus he’s always got some affordable little mood-elevators, like this $28 pair of tea canisters (in four colors) or groovy new tea towels for $12 a piece. And his chic summer living tips are totally free. Welcome to Brokelyn, Mr. Adler!

[via Brownstoner]