Hey check it out, you can win this poster full of cool Brooklyn doors

Get some doors on your wall
Get some doors on your wall

The door is the window to a building’s soul, as the old saying goes that we didn’t just make up now. You might not think about doors all the time, since a lot of them are just plain glass or beat up old wood or steel, but some doors in Brooklyn make you stop, take a look and take a picture while you think “This is gonna get me so many damn Instagram likes.” Rather than force you to go out and seek doors like that, which could take all day, Brownstoner has put together a whole poster of pictures of their favorite doors called “The Doors of Brooklyn.” A fitting name, really. It’s big and colorful and best of all, you can win it for free! How? Keep reading.

Well, before the winning, we’re gonna tell you a bit more about the poster. It’s an homage to the late photographer Joseph Lee Sweeney, who made a poster of his favorite iconic Brooklyn doors back in 2004. Instead of Sweeney’s photography though, the submissions came from everyday yutzes like you and us, as the site got more than 400 submissions when they asked people what their favorite doors in BK were. They’ve got the doors from the Peter Jay Sharp Building and the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, but the poster also has private homes that you might have walked by previously without even noticing.

I ❤ door #899

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One year after his death, Browntoner picked their 30 favorite doors, and how we have this high-quality giclee poster measuring 18′ x 24′. Sure you could buy the poster for $100 here. However, you could also enter Brownstoner’s drawing and win it for free, and save the $100 for something else in life. It’s totally up to you, but obviously we’re proponents of having $100 around.

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