Jonathan Adler to open a store in Boerum Hill

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Brownstoner is reporting today that home-design scamp Jonathan Adler is opening a store on Atlantic Avenue, between Hoyt and Bond. Yay! So why is a budget-living site excited about a guy who makes $550 boob vases and other yuppie catnip? Because he’s fun, dammit. He once told us that his favorite-ever holiday party was the one where a guest brought Lee Press-On nails and everyone put them on, men and women alike. And who else but Adler would put a sign in his new Brooklyn storefront window announcing “your 24-hour pot dealer”? Plus he’s always got some affordable little mood-elevators, like this $28 pair of tea canisters (in four colors) or groovy new tea towels for $12 a piece. And his chic summer living tips are totally free. Welcome to Brokelyn, Mr. Adler!

[via Brownstoner]

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  1. On the one hand, I’m thrilled at this news since I love Jonathan Adler’s products. On the other hand I am sad as this will surely raise the rents in the area and force the smaller stores out.

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