Can any NYC apartment survive Gothamist commenters?

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We love the Gothamist as much as the next blog, as long as we’re not alone with their commenters on a subway platform at 2 a.m. We don’t blame the site for attracting such ruthless opinionators, but we couldn’t hold back a chuckle when we saw that they’re inviting readers to share their apartment photos for what must be some kind of Apartment Therapy/Design*Sponge/Brownstoner voyeuristic feature. So… who’s first?

Fancy yourself a DIY Kelly Wearstler? No, you’re an asshat. Do you consider your decor groovy modern cottage? Actually it’s douchebaggery. Pretty proud of the style you’ve managed to achieve through a combination of Craigslist and sidewalk castoffs? FAIL!!! And no matter what the place looks like, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re  a dirty hipster.

In fact, nary an apartment has appeared and they’re are already piling on. Says one Virgilstarkwell: “this is great: i’ve always wanted to see the basements of their parents houses’ that some of the commenters here call home.”


[via Gothamist]

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