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Gentrification nation: Crown Heights is getting artsy office space, food and beer

There will be beer in here soon. (via apts and lofts)
There will be beer in here soon. (via apts and lofts)

Well kids, here comes Crown Heights. The ball’s started rolling on a massive redeveloped commercial complex in the neighborhood that promises to boast office space for “creative” ventures, along with a beer hall, coffee house and food incubator. That’s right: offices, food and BEER. Brace yourselves for the rent hikes, ladies and gentlemen!

The complex, located at 1000 Dean Street, has been spearheaded by Brooklyn Flea founder and Brownstoner editor Jonathan Butler, who’s partnered up with bigwigs like 3rd Ward, BFC Partners and, inexplicably, Goldman Sachs for the project. The 140,000-square-foot space has been fully renovated – it used to be a Studebaker Service Station – and now the owners are launching leases for spaces varying from 500 to 32,000 square feet. They’re primarily looking to lease to non-profits, technology firms, artisans and artists, so think of the space as something a bit DUMBO-esque Can we expect a Smorgasburg here soon, too?

Of course, the most exciting part of the project is probably the promised beer hall, which will reportedly clock in at 9,000-square-feet, in addition to a coffee house and an outdoor garden with food vendors. Madness. PURE MADNESS.

The building plans to open for occupancy on October 1, and they say most rents will range from $1,500 to $3,000 per month, so if you’re looking to spend that small business loan Brooklyn gave you, this might be your best bet.

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  1. Conal Darcy

    “… soon to be the largest and most comfortable gathering place in the neighborhood, serving tenants with meeting, eating and drinking space.”

    Thank God, you’ll never have to look at the locals again.

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