Come be the Hoffman to Dave’s Redford (LOL, who are we kidding, Dave is the Hoffman)

So you think you can edit?

Brokelyn is looking to expand our elite cadre of site editors, a job that pays less than it should but more than you would make as a fast food cook, carnie or professional hair shampooer.*

Must have: an internet connection, news and feature chops, a sense of humor and the personal magnetism to lead a ragtag team of contributors who Brokelynize between day jobs, acting gigs and other prestigious forms of employment. Do you know WordPress? Can you cobble together a decent tweet? Do you like to scrap? Do you have access to vital inside information about Brooklyn doings? Can you build your own air conditioner? Special preference to current and former Trader Joe’s employees.

This is a very independent gig (Brokelyn HQ is wherever you are, basically) but the rewards are many. They include encyclopedic knowledge of dive bars, wide berth for self-promotion and a lifelong employee loyalty program. You could get a TV show, or make one yourself.

Interested? Drop a note telling us why at brokelyn [AT] along with links to some of your greatest hits. If it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other jobs around! We read about them on Brokelyn.

* U.S. News: the 10 lowest-paid jobs in America

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  1. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.
    Firstly, I’m not originally from Ohio, Georgia or Wisconsin.
    Secondly I know who Roger Grimsby was.
    Now, I will be doing this part time but will require $50k a year and an expense account.

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