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Tattoo removal Groupon here to rescue you from your terrible mistake

tattoo removal
This will never wind up being a mistake!

Say, like New York Times executive editor Jill Ambramson or certain employees of Brokelyn LLC, you once went out and got a tattoo of the place that you work for. But then you end up getting fired in disgrace and you’re stuck with the tattoo forever, like certain employees of Brokelyn LLC constantly fear. What do you do? You get this Groupon for tattoo removal and fix your terrible mistake. We can’t help you with the rest of the ways you’ve screwed your life up, but we can at least help with this.

The Groupon gives you the option to get rid of between 6 and 10 square inches of tattoo space, at prices between $199 and $399. That’s probably cheaper than getting the thing to begin with. So quite a deal really. That being said, even if you no longer love the person whose name you have on you, up to and including good old mom, the process sounds like it takes forever. Seven whole weeks of getting blasted with lasers over and over again, until your tattoo has been completely overtaken by your skin.

We mean, yes, if you have a tattoo you really hate, you’ll be carrying around this badge of shame forever. But forever and seven weeks are basically the same thing, so we’d think long and hard about getting that tattoo removed. Well, harder than you thought about getting the tattoo in the first place.


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