Ketih Johnston pops in to the Jalopy Theater to sing some Jamaican songs of the seas. Photo by Nick van der Grinten, via BAC

1. You’ve got two chances to show off your Arrested Development knowledge, at the Brooklyn Winery and at Chez Lola (Tuesday)

2. The Moth’s Dan Kennedy has a new book out and he wants you to come to Powerhouse Arena so he can talk to you about his new book. You should do it (Tuesday)

3. The Masters of Social Gastronomy talk about futurism and food, and ironically, futurism actually comes from the past (Tuesday)

4. Swing by Mental Marginalia to bring poetry from the margins of your mind to the forefront (Tuesday)

5. Look for the first person at Arrested Development bingo to yell “Bingo!” at the wrong time to then hang their head as the sad Charlie Brown music plays (Wednesday)

6. Dear God, That’s Stone Cold’s Music is back for more comedic powerbombs (Wednesday)

7. Hey cool, a history of Life magazine. Incidentally, much, much better than a history of Newsweek (Wednesday)

8. Words With Beers has stories with a runaways theme this month, so be sure to pack a bindle (Wednesday)

9. Performers are getting together at the Jalopy Theater to talk about and perform different cultures’ sea shanties. Sea shanties, you guys! (Thursday)

10. Videology is showing Airborne, that incredibly embarrassing rollerblading movie from the early 90s that I you liked so much. God, aren’t kids stupid? (Thursday)

11. Head-On pits music made by man against music made by machines is some kind of dance-off allegory thing about- ah whatever, you crazy kids just wanna dance (Friday)

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