Shine a light on gun control Sunday at the Brooklyn Bridge


If you’ve had your Twitter feed turned off all day for fear of being overloaded with December 21 jokes, you may have missed the big news of the day: the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre held an incoherent, paranoid press conference blaming everything but guns for Sandy Hook. In light of the fact that the NRA is digging in for fight, what can you do to make your voice heard about gun control, other than opening your wallet? State senator Erik Adams is taking it to the streets, with a candlelight vigil for the victims of Sandy Hook/gun control rally.

Show up with a candle and some friends at 4:15pm at Cadman Plaza Park, and then walk halfway across, where you’ll meet up with a contingent coming from the Manhattan side of the bridge. This doesn’t sound like it’s going to be highly-charged and emotional, so you can leave the Code Pink banner at home.