Your booth could be next to this adorable dog. via Barn Yard Flea

Summer is coming, and with the warm weather comes plenty of outdoor shopping opportunities. There’s obviously the Brooklyn Flea, and the new Bushwick Flea and the outdoor component to ‘Shwick and the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market. Now we have a new entry from one of our favorite bars, as Mary’s Bar emailed us to let us know that they’ve got a flea market opening up in the lot next to the bar, and that they want vendors. Vendors like you, maybe.

Mary’s flea market is going by the name Bar n’ yard Flea (Barnyard Flea, get it?), and they’re looking to kick things off in early May. That means between then and now, they’re going to need vendors, and that’s where you come in. If you sell food, vintage clothing, jewelry or any other kind of great product that’s good for a flea market full of indie designers, than Mary’s wants to hear from you.

It’ll run you $100 if you’re a non-food vendor and $150 for food vendors, for either a 6×6 or 5×7 booth. If you want in, shoot an email to info [AT], with some words on what you’re selling, how and where your item is made (or what variety of vintage you’re dealing in if that’s what you’ve got), the prices your stuff goes for and links to any websites and social media presence your business has. They don’t want more than 5 pictures along with your company description, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for your five best. Don’t hesitate, because May is coming faster than you think and if you miss out a flea market right next to a great bar, you’ll be kicking yourself while the rest of us are drinking and shopping.

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