Do your spreadsheets suck? Learn Excel for free at the library

You need to do this if you want a job at Acme Sales.

Knowing how to make a decent spreadsheet is one of the four computer skills that separates the office pros from the noobs. (The other three: PowerPoint, Photoshop, and being able to do more with Word than format term papers. Or whatever you add in the comments.) Maybe you learned Excel in college, or maybe you, like me, are shamed by people who whip their data into elegant color-keyed presentations while your shitty little black and white cells look more like pages from the phone book. You could noodle around until you figure it out, or you could take a free Excel class from the Brooklyn Public Library, which also offers classes here and there in Word and PowerPoint. Here are all the Excel classes we could find this summer:

The Macon Library in Bed-Stuy
July 11, 18 and 25

Washington Irving Branch in Bushwick
July 19

Mapleton Branch in Bay Ridge
August 7, August 28 or Augus;

Saratoga Branch in Bed-Stuy
July 17 and August 14

If you can’t make any of them, you can also learn Excel for free on this Web site. We haven’t tried it, but the library thinks it’s kosher because they recommend it.


One Comment

  • Beware people who’s excel charts look too slick. Also, the cost of slaughtering a buffalo is so high I may need to take this course.