Gas prices going up, up, up in Sheepshead Bay

Coney Island and Avenue P. Photo by Eric Silver

Our own Eric Silver went to pick up a family member from Sheepshead Bay. He reported quiet streets but a lot of seniors without power with nowhere to go. He also found a gas station on Avenue P and Coney Island Avenue where, in his words:

“An angry mob with gas cans is gathering, and the police have cordoned it off and are standing around doing crowd control. apparently they were waiting for gas from 8pm – midnight last night. Then the owner said a new shipment is coming in soon, and they all watched him come out and raise his prices by 40 cents “

This first photo below is the prices listed before the owner came out and announced a new shipment coming in soon.

Photo by Eric Silver

The next photo was taken after the owner changed the prices on the gas after announcing the new shipment.

Photo by Eric Silver

Goodwill towards men and all that stuff…

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  • To report gas price gouging, call the New York State Consumer Protection Board at 1 (800) 697-1220.

  • Isn’t it illegal for businesses to raise prices in a disaster situation? I think it is!!!

  • Raising the price is the best way to ensure only those who truly need gas are buying it, which will reduce wait times for all the people with pressing needs.