End of summer heat Jamaican you crazy? 12 things to do this weekend to help you deal

The first rasta … but not the last … at Brooklyn Museum this weekend.

1. A Little Dragon is much, much easier to deal with than a fully grown, fire-breathing engine of destruction that is a normal dragon. (Friday)

2. Raise money for youth initiatives, support someone going to college, buy stuff from local farmers. It’s a do-gooder trifecta! (Friday)

3. Can you dance as well as an Olympian? Um, probably not. But you can try! (Friday)

4. Another way to make it a cruel summer? Steal ice cream from children. (Friday)

5. Ride friendship at Delinquency until your heart explodes with The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. (Saturday)

6. See a movie about the first Rastafarian. Spoiler alert: there will be no cameo by Ras Trent. (Saturday)

7. Who cares about the Olympics when people are giving out trophies for beatboxing??? (Saturday)

8. Call your girlfriend and tell her about this Robyn dance party. On second thought, maybe don’t. (Saturday)

9. We could always opt for the more temporal gratification of sheer physical attraction. That wouldn’t make you a shallow person, would it? – Lyle Lovett, ladies and germs. (Saturday)

10. Dancehall comes to Coney Island. Badadingdingding woaaaahhhh. (Sunday)

11. The Olympics are over and so is your brief career as an alcohol-fueled gymnastics expert. (Sunday)

12. You say life isn’t a cartoon, but these cartoons would beg to differ. (Sunday)

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