Don't forget to tit your bartender. Via Boobie Trap Facebook.

Don’t forget to tit your bartender. Via Boobie Trap Facebook.

Boobie Trap
308 Bleecker St., (at Irving), Bushwick,


What it is: A funky corner bar that looks like a little girl’s dream room crossed with a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Why we love it: The vibe here is pure adult sleepover party fun: boobs adorn the walls, and the tables are inlaid with board games like Candyland and Scrabble. Grab a page of the rated-R coloring books or study the collection of dolls hanging around the bar.

What to order: The selection here is gloriously cheap and divey, full of good cans like cheap speckled hen and value meal beer-and-shot specials. The bar’s food menu is the tits too: it’s loaded with BBQ, such as pulled pork, spare ribs and smoked seitan, with sides like potato salad, baked beans and brussel sprouts.

Regular tip: Owner Kristen North was a bartender at several spots around the city including the Knitting Factory before opening Boobie Trap last year. At night, the curtain comes down and the bar’s signature “Fuck off” sign glows in all its glory.

02/24/15 1:23pm

With friends like these

Hey, wanna know something that can warm you up? The pure fear that comes from seeing a really frightening movie. Forget all that “blood chilling” stuff, if you see the kind of scary movie that gets your heart pounding and blood flowing fast, you’ll be plenty warm. It’s just science. Tonight you can get just the kind of scare to warm you up, because The Silent Barn is showing The Babadook for the not-so-scary price of five dollars. (more…)

02/24/15 9:16am
nyc porn film festival

There’s gonna be something for everyone.

It’s been half a century since Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography and obscenity, “I know it when I see it,” but this weekend, New Yorkers will see it up close and (potentially very) personal at the first annual NYC Porn Film Festival. Bushwick, the freshly crowned bastion of high art, will play host to the open submission festival that aims to “give credit to adult film as a significant and socially/culturally relevant art form.” Though submissions for content are now closed, $69 all-weekend passes and $5-$20 tickets to individual movies are still available. (more…)

02/19/15 1:39pm
chinese new year duckduck

Mmmm…New Year… via Flickr user Sheila

It’s the year of the sheep! Or goat depending on your preferred herding animal. This means fireworks, parades, and plenty of warm delicious dumplings. Given the frozen hellscape of the past few days, we are certainly down for anything that gets us out of the cold for a few hours without missing all the fun. Check out the 9th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration at duckduck (161 Montrose Avenue) tonight for free food, drinks, and other celebratory shenanigans. (more…)

02/18/15 12:50pm

left hand path

Left Hand Path
89 Wycoff Ave., (Suydam St. and Hart St.), Bushwick

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What it is: A low lit bar in Bushwick containing a list of curated craft beers, carefully created cocktails and a smooth chilled environment.

Why we love it: Left Hand Path is perfect bar to go into alone as a Bushwick outsider or a local, a place to stop in with a group of friends or to enjoy or drink away a date. Here you can get people together and actually hear them as the crowd tends to remain on the calmer side. You’ve got the bar at the entrance, the stools lining the walls and the killer backyard where you can hang out until 11pm.

The bar itself, dark with mystique, invites you to walk to the back exploring the various corners, back room and the benches which round the walls of the back area. You can try and pin down the bar to one type, but do so with caution. They deliver delicious, thought out cocktails as well as an often appreciated beer and a shot. It’s a both a speakeasy and a dive. An atmosphere of a dimly lit cocktail bar with chandeliers made out of solo cups. It works.

What to order: The beers they serve are posted on a huge slab of tree hung behind the bar, greatly ranging with a focus on craft beers. Their selection changes frequently so stay up to date by following their Facebook to find out what’s about to tap. You can choose or ask for a recommendation for a beer or cocktail and be guaranteed an interesting and satisfying choice. Follow them and you will also find a slew of events ranging from a New Years Eve party to a Superbowl party.

Regular tip: You know that whole, hey can you charge my phone, actually can I see if I got a text for a second, thanks but I still need it to be charged thing that some people do? Well you won’t anymore. Here they have individual USB ports along the bar. No longer must you be that person saying, ‘I promise I’m not usually that person’.

02/18/15 9:08am
jon glaser

Glaser studies up on his lines. Photo by Mindy Tucker, via Facebook

One great thing about the Brooklyn comedy scene is that you’ll come across TV-famous comedians doing weird things at an affordable price. Case in point: Jon Glaser, who you might know from Delocated or Parks and Recreation or Girls or even as the voice of Oog from Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be at Shea Stadium this weekend to do a live reading of an unproduced screenplay written by the Macaulay Culkin Show’s Brett Davis, called “Whenever Possible Forever.” It’s like TV, but you’re right there and can touch the actors (please don’t touch the actors). (more…)

02/09/15 2:58pm
miley cyrus

Does she really love her dogs or was this picture some kind of obscure hint? via Facebook

Heating up what would otherwise be just another cold horrible winter slog, the NYC Porn Film Festival is coming to Bushwick at the end of February, promising all sorts of sexxxy porn submissions made by people just like us. As if that wasn’t enough, the organizers let word drop while talking to Bedford + Bowery that Miley Cyrus, who’s totally a grown up and knows how to be sexy has a secret video project premiering at the smut festival. Bets are now open for whether it’s going to be called “Pussy in the U.S.A.” or “Wrecking Balls.” (more…)

01/27/15 10:00am
heavy metal yoga

Breathe, release and hail Satan. All photos by Dayvid LeMmon

I find that going to yoga is a lot like going to the post office: Sometimes you just can’t avoid it, but you know you’ll hate everyone involved.

After overhearing one too many conversations about juice cleanses while positioning my yoga mat – invariably next to a drop dead gorgeous Bendy-Wendy who warms up with effortless handstands, and contemplating murdering twosomes doing couples yoga whenever I see them tantric dry humping in the park (seriously guys, get a room), I thought maybe I was done with it. Even if I can’t deny there’s nothing like a good sweat and a good stretch, and an hour to allow yourself to just be…away from your smartphone, there’s just so much baggage. Or so I thought, until I found heavy metal yoga in the back of a Bushwick bar. (more…)

01/23/15 2:40pm
bushwick street art

WAR! via Instagram user Zexo

Bushwick might be hot enough to be the world’s seventh-coolest neighborhood, have shitty hotels “inspired” by it and get SNL and SantaCon to take a look at it, but that doesn’t mean it’s Park Slope. Bushwick can still be ravaged by WAR, although in this case it’s a graffiti vs. street art civil war that ANIMAL found, as spray paint can holding brother is turning against spray paint holding brother in a defacement battle over authenticity and gentrification. We haven’t enjoyed a Bushwick story like this since the one where Droid907 was interviewed sitting in a ditch and waiting to hop a freight train. (more…)