12/18/14 3:36pm
We feel you, we really do

We feel you, we really do

Been feeling a little gloomy lately? Makes sense, considering it gets dark at like 3pm and it’s cold out there without having any snow to make it worth it. Oh, but you’ve been feeling gloomy for more seasons than just winter, huh? Let’s see, what could the common thread in there be… Oh! We know, your job sucks and you hate it, that’s it, right? We feel for you, especially since science says that if you’re burned out on or hate your job, you’re a good candidate for depression. (more…)

12/11/14 2:40pm
the dodo

Caption this better than we can and you just might have yourself a new job. via Facebook

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Brokelyn! And, I guess, shalom? Anyways, I come bearing gifts of gainful employment! So, because it is the time of year for going broke buying your “loved ones” “material goods”, going to awful office parties instead of this one, and ringing in the New Year with that same ol’ dusty job you’ve been kicking around all 2014, I think you might need a new job. Ideally, one that has a Christmas vacation, because, hey, you’re smart enough to game the system like that. Without further ado, have some jobs and happy whatever! (more…)

12/11/14 1:24pm
Do these don'ts. Illustrations by Shaylyn Berlew

Do these don’ts. Illustrations by Shaylyn Berlew

The holidays are here, which means office parties are here too. You’ve put in some good hours and stuck it to the man, so it’s time to celebrate and get loose with some colleagues. What could go wrong? Well, A LOT can go wrong actually. Stakes can be high when socializing with co-workers and they get even higher when the booze becomes a factor. Here are a few pointers on what to avoid in order to maintain your office party etiquette, and not get too holiday ratchet. (Of course, you can always drink with the employed, but not your co-workers, tonight at the No Office Party at Littlefield where you can ignore all of this advice!) (more…)

12/10/14 8:01am
adam suerte

Adam Suerte, former camp counselor and house painter, current rad tattoo artist.

At Brokelyn we’re familiar with the concept of being starving artists, and the years of unpaid gigs and dedication required to “make it.” Adam Suerte, co-owner of Brooklyn Tattoo and founder of the artist collective, Urban Folk Art® Studios, knows everything there is to know about that life. From his beginnings as a teenage graffiti artist in Brooklyn, Suerte has cultivated his art form over the years and now co-owns one of Brooklyn’s most successful tattoo studios, Brooklyn Tattoo, and next door’s Urban Folk Art gallery, which exhibits art from a range of emerging and established artists, across various mediums. Before he was a tattoo master though, Suerte spent time as a camp counselor, a dishwasher, a struggling screenprinter and a fruit basket delivery boy until finally opening his own shop.  - MB


12/04/14 1:48pm
meow parlour

You’ll have to show more energy than this though. via Facebook

Do you love cats, but can’t get paid for said love because you lack a veterinary license? Well, hold off on printing that bootleg one off, because beyond getting you in to a ton of legal trouble, there’s another job out there for you. Meow Parlour, New York City’s first permanent cat cafe, is hiring cat-loving staff to work both their bakery and their cat cafe. Finally, a job that combines the frustration of baking with the frustration of cleaning up cat shit! (more…)

12/03/14 11:32am
social media expert

Is this you? We’ve got a job for you

Hey, are you one of those slick young Millennials who’s been conning Olds into thinking they don’t know how Twitter and Tumblr and Ello and Vine and Facebook and Instagram and That work? Well great, because while one day your job will probably be farmed out to an intern from a younger generation, for now there are jobs for you that pay and have benefits. Like this social media coordinator gig at the New York Post you should try to get that job while it still exists. (more…)

11/19/14 2:05pm
The Violin Femmes: Suzanne Davenport (l to r) with Elaine Yau, Anya Szykitka and Donna Gail Horton.  Via FB.

The Violin Femmes: Suzanne Davenport (l to r) with Elaine Yau, Anya Szykitka and Donna Gail Horton. Via FB.

The Violin Femmes (get it??) are one of those street musician acts you see hitting the strings in subway tunnels, wearing funny clothes, in both the heat of summer and the dead of winter. But they’re not your average amateur buskers — they’re all serious adult music students led by an established professional. They just happen to prioritize the joy of playing and performing over making dough.

The group of four-ish, 40-plus women were brought together by pro violin player Suzanne Davenport, who moved to NYC from Germany in 2002. Why, in a city rife with musicians struggling to make ends meet by stacking up whatever meager door fees they can wrest from obscure venues, would her group be happy to take time out of their working lives to give away the priceless gift of music for a song? We asked her for some insight into the life of the playing-for-free musician: (more…)

11/19/14 7:02am
brooklyn historical society

Can you keep help the Brooklyn Historical Society’s library in order? Then we’ve got a job for you! via Facebook

So holiday season is yet again upon us, and we know what that means: the purchasing of turkeys, the entertaining of relatives you were pretty sure were dead, and so, so many holiday presents. Yes, true Brokelyners are already weeping for the potential income about to be flushed on the “feelings” of “others,” and to make up for these economic and seasonal drains, I’d recommend snapping up one of the many awesome jobs floating around Kings County! I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best of the week in one, easy, convenient location, much like how all of your Christmas gifts end up conveniently at that one store a block from your house on Christmas Eve. (more…)

11/18/14 1:31pm
word brooklyn

Hey you could work here! via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

Maybe it’s been a minute since you’ve seen You’ve Got Mail, but let me refresh your memory on the plot. Big, sleek, lucrative chain bookstores = bad. Cute, quirky, independent bookstores = good. Was that not what we were supposed to take away from that movie? Even still, coolness and community responsibility points are rewarded to those that support local bookstores over the Fox Bookstores of the world, and now here’s your chance to up the ante and work at one, as WORD is looking for someone to manage their inventory in both their Greenpoint and Jersey City stores. (more…)

11/18/14 10:37am
Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

If you went to school here, you’d be in class by now. Also you’d be late to class, hurry up! via Brooklyn College

Many moons ago, we told you all about how a graduate film program was coming to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and then fewer moons ago we told you about how the director of 21 Jump Street (the TV show) was going to be the president of said school. Now we can give you the most important piece of the news about the Navy Yard film school: They’re taking applications to be part of their inaugural class. Oh, and the Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, as it’s known as, is also way way way cheaper than other film schools around the country. Plus you get the added bonus of staying in New York, which is a great place! (more…)