08/05/15 1:45pm
Get your inner Mr. Miyagi on, heck, make your own Miyagi shirt. Image via Flickr user Rebecca Olarte

Get your inner Mr. Miyagi on, heck, make your own Miyagi shirt. Image via Flickr user Rebecca Olarte

Brooklyn is full of naturally creative people who seem to just have been born with the skill to draw, sew, photograph and create cool things. Then there is the rest of us, the ones who actually have to put in the work to master certain skills so we can create cool things ourselves, in order to not be known as “that person with the office job.” We could nag the naturally creative people, but they are too busy, well, creating, so what is a potential creative to do? Well, we’ve partnered with CourseHorse, which has a wide selection of classes where for just a few hours you can have someone who knows what they’re doing helping you master a skill you will need to benefit your creative needs.  (more…)

11/28/11 3:26pm

krrb photoAre you Krrbing yet?

Krrb is a fun, new and, dare we say, addictive new online venue for buying, selling and swapping stuff with your neighbors, and they’re kicking off the holidays with  a 12 Days of Gifting Give Away.

Krrb, a sponsor of ours, is an all-in-one garage sale, flea market and local classifieds where second-handers, crafters, collectors, artists, designers, artisanal food-makers and buyers can connect.  (more…)

11/18/11 11:05am

Scarf by Marjin Bennett, bag by Aki Kano.

Diana Kane, the Park Slope boutique for all things soft, silky, unusual and handmade, is hosting two trunk shows this weekend featuring Brooklyn designers. Park Slope’s Megan Noonan makes handmade knits under the handle Marijn Bennett, while handbag designer Aki Kano  hails from Prospect Heights. If that’s not reason enough to pop by, the store is offering 15 percent off storewide — but it balloons, swells, gianticizes to a full 20 percent off if you mention Brokelyn at the register. (Never a bad thing to mention at registers because people who work them need to know about us too.) But we digress: Diana Kane is at 229 Fifth Ave. at President Street, open tomorrow from 11 to 8.

10/31/11 11:44am

Clover Club is probably nicer than your living room.

First Google New York bought you brunch. Now they want to buy you drinks! So they’re throwing a speakeasy party at Smith Street’s fancy Clover Club, which GQ voted one of the 25 Best Cocktail Bars in America in 2010. Up to 20 people will be selected to get the secret password to attend this swanky gathering Nov. 17, replete with fine beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Here’s what you need to do to enter  (more…)

10/14/11 10:21am

In the kitchen at The Farm on Adderley, Brokelyn readers' favorite brunch spot.

The votes are in and the people have spoken! You voted The Farm on Adderley as the best brunch spot in BK, narrowly edging out Miriam, Buttermilk Channel and other worthy contenders. The Farm is known for fresh ingredients, local purveyors and tiny pickles in their Bloody Marys, as one ecstatic commenter noted in ALL CAPS. Now, Google New York wants to give you a chance to win brunch for four at this Ditmas Park fave. Here’s how: (more…)

10/10/11 7:27am

Brunch at Miriam, photo by Sarah Gainer

Brunch is one thing Brooklynites are passionate and opinionated about, which is why Google New York wants to treat you and three friends to brunch at your favorite Brooklyn eatery. But before we tell you how to win, you need to tell us your favorite. Here are some of the top-rated Brooklyn brunch spots according to GooglePlaces, which include a few of our own favorites. Cast your vote by Wednesday (Oct. 12), for one of the following, or choose your own: (more…)

Brokelyn on welding at 3rd Ward.

How badass is welding? Find out at 3rd Ward.

When it comes to creative pursuits, there are dreamers and doers. Dreamers talk, fantasize, scheme and concoct, but seldom act on their visions, brilliant though they may be.

Then there are doers – the people who take their artistic and entrepreneurial ideas and make them happen.

If you’ve ever been to 3rd Ward, you know it’s where dreamers can become doers.

3rd Ward is a hub of classes and workshop facilities where you move those jewelry designs out of your head and into silver, pewter or clay. This is the place to transform your sketch of a coffee table into a real-life prototype. Maybe you want to forge a new career path as a 3D graphic designer. Maybe you’re just tired of working in your living room. By all means, pull up a Mac and join your new insta-colleagues in 3rd Ward’s co-working space. (more…)

06/27/11 12:49pm

Sign up for Zeel and you could be doing 40 for Robert Brace.

Oprah has a private chef. Bono travels with a massage therapist. And, yeah, pretty much every celebrity has a personal trainer or seven.

So how about the celebrity known as yourhotself?

You may think that your wallet is what’s keeping you from having your own personal health and fitness posse, but Zeel.com, our new promotional pal, is going to give you $50 to prove you wrong.

Zeel is a new booking site where you can make appointments with top NYC nutritionists, dermatologists, personal trainers and other one-on-one service providers for a discount.

Sign up now through Brokelyn and you can get $50 toward your first appointment. (more…)

05/19/11 9:27am

We’ve been pals with 3rd Ward for a long time. We’ve gone to their parties and seen some pretty awesome stuff come out of their wood/metal shops, jewelry studio, and photo studios.

You may know 3rd Ward as the place to learn Photoshop, welding or chicken-raising techniques in a matter of weeks. But did you know you can also set up your office there? 3rd Ward has a vibrant co-working center where you can enjoy the camaraderie of other creative souls along with brand-new Macs fully loaded with all the design, editing and animation software you could ever want. (more…)