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3rd Ward: cheaper and better than ever

Brokelyn on welding at 3rd Ward.
How badass is welding? Find out at 3rd Ward.

When it comes to creative pursuits, there are dreamers and doers. Dreamers talk, fantasize, scheme and concoct, but seldom act on their visions, brilliant though they may be.

Then there are doers – the people who take their artistic and entrepreneurial ideas and make them happen.

If you’ve ever been to 3rd Ward, you know it’s where dreamers can become doers.

3rd Ward is a hub of classes and workshop facilities where you move those jewelry designs out of your head and into silver, pewter or clay. This is the place to transform your sketch of a coffee table into a real-life prototype. Maybe you want to forge a new career path as a 3D graphic designer. Maybe you’re just tired of working in your living room. By all means, pull up a Mac and join your new insta-colleagues in 3rd Ward’s co-working space.

We like 3rd Ward and what it’s all about. And we really like how they’ve made it even more affordable to join their community of doers.

3rd Ward just came out with its lowest membership fees ever– Basic memberships are now just $29/month (reduced from $49/mo).

Not only will you get the same class and workspace discounts as before, but every month, you’ll also receive complimentary passes and credits valued at over $500 for you to use towards classes, facility access and more. Every month, it’ll be easy to dabble with free day passes to the wood shop, metal shop, jewelry studio, co-working space and more.

Photography classes at 3rd Ward.

Pay only for what you use – 3rd Ward is offering a custom membership that allows you to only pay for the facility you use the most. This is perfect for project-based users.

Pay month-to-month and cancel at any time — You no longer have to commit to a full 12-month membership. Pay month-to-month and cancel at any time. You still get free classes for as long as you keep your membership.

Coming soon, priority class enrollment – Many 3rd Ward classes sell out quickly. Become a member and soon you’ll get first dibs on the popular Intro to Woodworking, Intro to Metal Shop, Screenprinting Intensive and more than 200 other classes a quarter.

Live Chat with a Membership Associate — Questions? 3rd Ward is introducing a live, non-robot chat support.

If you’re ready to go from dreaming to doing, there’s a fall class to fit your every creative itch from making hats to raising chickens, to stop-motion animation. Click here to find out more about joining 3rd Ward.

No idea what's going on here, but that scultpure looks cool.

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