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Win a $1,300 butt-kicking from top trainer

Sign up for Zeel and you could be doing 40 for Robert Brace.

Oprah has a private chef. Bono travels with a massage therapist. And, yeah, pretty much every celebrity has a personal trainer or seven.

So how about the celebrity known as yourhotself?

You may think that your wallet is what’s keeping you from having your own personal health and fitness posse, but, our new promotional pal, is going to give you $50 to prove you wrong.

Zeel is a new booking site where you can make appointments with top NYC nutritionists, dermatologists, personal trainers and other one-on-one service providers for a discount.

Sign up now through Brokelyn and you can get $50 toward your first appointment.

Unlike sites that offer dermabrasion with Dr. Godknowswho for 90 percent off, Zeel’s hand-picked experts are top-notch: the types who author best-selling books, contribute to health and beauty publications, work with celebrity clients and appear on local and national television.

Zeel is also cool because it’s not like deal sites that reap a fortune from well-intended saps who fall prey to impulse buys, only to let those coupons die of old age in a drawer. On Zeel, you actually book your appointment at the time of purchase, whenever you like.

Honestly? You’d be kind of crazy not to sign up with Zeel because 1) it’s free, and 2) your $50 credit never expires. So you may not have the dough today to book an appointment with Christy Turlington’s massage therapist, but soon enough you will.

And here’s another incentive: sign up by July 1 (that’s Friday, people!) , and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a 28-day, serious butt-kicking with TriBeCa-based trainer-to-the-stars and Zeel expert Robert Brace. Robert’s program (a $1,300 value) combines weight training, interval training, and proprietary body sculpting techniques in 20 sessions proven to result in serious hotness.

It should be obvious that we think this is a highly worthwhile deal. We’ve brought the horse to water (no, we ddin’t mean it that way) and now it’s up to you to do the rest. Sign up and get $50 toward a smokin’ summer bod — and the chance to get your butt kicked by one of the best.



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