05/23/14 2:51pm
cat adoption brooklyn

Most like, it’ll be a cuteness overload, just like this. via Flickr user Charles Huss

Feeling a bit lonely lately? Desperately want to save a doomed relationship with an injection of cuteness? Really love cats? Just realized that cats aren’t just a thing made up by the internet and now you want one? Well, there’s good news if you fall into any of those four groups: the Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue) is holding a free cat adoption event on Sunday where you can find the furry feline friend you’ve always wanted. (more…)

05/23/14 1:58pm
robert cornegy

Robert Cornegy: A friend to mothers. via Facebook

Just call him the anti-Hot Bird.

While the Clinton Hill bar got some press this week for telling parents to pack up their kids and leave, Bed-Stuy City Councilman Robert Cornegy is making waves in the parenting world with the opposite tack. He’s opened Brooklyn’s first “community lactation station,” for mother who are out and about and need to pop in to feed their kids. Expect him to really milk this one when he’s up for re-election. (more…)

05/20/14 3:58pm
robot party

Horrible robot baby sitters will even take care of our children one day.

Since an early age, you probably couldn’t imagine the future without robots thanks to the robots that proliferate in pop culture and blockbuster movies, from Battlestar Galactica to Terminator to The Matrix. Now that we’re nearing the future, there’s more and more robots around us, taking control of us. You may have become part robot yourself, with your iPhone in one hand and tablet in the other, Google Glass on your face, your mind in the Cloud, and even the hand used to mix your drink will soon be robot hand… To prevent your electronic body part extensions from running out of juice, meet others of your kind at the 100% Robot Party at Silent Barn, (603 Bushwick Ave), tomorrow night. (more…)

05/20/14 9:23am
tiki disco

The summer this won’t happen. Photo by Kenny Rodriguez via Facebook

We’re all rightfully excited about the summer, and the rebirth of outdoor fun in the city for a few months. Sadly, there’ll be one summer tradition that’s hanging up its viking helmet and beer bong, as after five years, Tiki Disco won’t be returning to the Roberta’s garden. It leaves an enormous speaker-sized hole in our hearts, but the summer must go on. (more…)

05/15/14 11:18am
We could use a hug too, you know!

We could use a hug too, you know! via DNAinfo

This morning we learned of a polyamorous house in Bushwick seeking roommates looking to escape judgement. The three-story building has fifteen bedrooms and its occupancy is being coordinated by Leon Feingold, the co-founder and co-president of polyamorist group Open Love New York. Feingold said they’re not advertising to the public and are currently only considering “friends and friends of friends.” That’s tragic, because this is one of the more appealing housing options we’ve come across in a while.


05/14/14 10:48am
bed-stuy beer works

Imagine this thing pulling up in front of your apartment. via Full Lane Logistics

You know how you sometimes (always) wish that beer would just arrive at your doorstep on command? Well, now it can, thanks to a highly sophisticated transport device taking over the city: the cargo bike.

No, this isn’t your run of the mill, throw your kids in a basket tandem. Bed Stuy Beer Works, a beer retailer and wholesaler in Bed-Stuy, has teamed up with cargo bike delivery cooperative Full Lane Logistics to bring hoppy brewy goodness to your home – and cold, too. It’s the perfect news to learn as we gear up for summer. (more…)

cafeteria la mejor

In addition to being delicious, this Cuban supports theater. via Facebook

Trip on the sidewalk in Bushwick and the odds are you’ll find yourself sprawled out on the ground in front of a restaurant (and everyone will be laughing at you). Bushwick has so many restaurants that even if you live there you might not be able to afford to try all of them. Until now, because eight of Bushwick’s best food spots are inviting you out to a night to of gluttony in support of theater at A Taste of Bushwick on June 16. (more…)

04/14/14 4:18pm
smallest penis in brooklyn pageant

Runner up Rip van Dinkle will be back, trying to claim the prize he almost grabbed last year. Photo by Mary Dorn

Last year, the world was taken by storm by the genius of the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant, a competition that determined which of Brooklyn’s less well-endowed gentleman had the personality and the pint-size pecker that would make them Brooklyn’s most famous cocksman. And because the only thing better than one pageant devoted to small penises is a second pageant devoted to small penises, the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant will be back for a second go-round at Kings County Bar on June 14 of this year. Hooray! (more…)

04/08/14 8:53am

True, this COULD be just a normal scene in Bushwick. But in this instance, it’s TromaDance. via TromaDance

Well, Brooklyn, you stuck it to New Jersey AGAIN!  First you steal their mediocre-to-above-average NBA team. Now you’ll have a prized film festival cross state lines and thrill many a Brooklynite whose passions are steeped in independent film goodness, when the TromaDance Film Festival moves to Bushwick’s Paper Box (23 Meadow Street) for its 15th Anniversary in June. Thanks, Jersey…again! (more…)

04/02/14 4:32pm
bushwick retail

Can we opt-out? via Oh, great

Everyone’s always talking about how bad gentrification for a city’s original residents or people just looking to live somewhere affordable or for neighborhood character and cohesiveness. But no one ever considers the feelings of people who like gentrification. Like brokers getting rich as hell off of it. That must explain why one made some flyers inviting prospective renters of a site at 25-29 Thames Street with a call to “Join the gentrification” in Bushwick. (more…)