06/09/15 9:41am
out in the streets

Jump for joy, Out in the Streets is back. via Facebook

Ah to sit in a field at a music festival and soak in the chill vibes. Wait, we have an even better one. Ah to sit in a field at a music festival and soak in the chill vibes and not squint at a performer on a video screen. Is this possible? Yes, you’ll be able to do that this summer, because Out in the Streets, the only music festival that takes place in a field on the Brooklyn/Queens border has announced they’ll be back at the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House on August 1 and 2. (more…)

Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Whenever we think of California, we think of certain things: the abomination that is the”Entourage” movie; the Tupac and Dr. Dre “California Love” video and we guess palm trees. What we don’t really associate California with is coffee, because coffee is an East Coast thing. However, a roasting company in Oakland (a.k.a San Francisco’s New Jersey) is serious about coffee. So much so that they have made their mark here, in Brooklyn. Blue Bottle Coffee has two very popular locations in Brooklyn, one in Boerum Hill and one in Williamsburg. And now, according to Gothamist, Blue Bottle Coffee is opening another shop in Bushwick. (more…)

Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan's Burgers

Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan’s Burgers

When your pockets are feeling a little light because the first of the month has ravaged your bank account (like now), you can take comfort in knowing there’s probably free wine to be had at an art exhibit opening reception somewhere. If the gallery is really fancy some hors d’oeuvres not straight from a Costco party platter might make an appearance too. Might.

Bushwick’s Shwick market isn’t super fancy, but that isn’t stopping them from breaking out the free stuff for their Bushwick Open Studios programming kickoff, with Thursday’s reception for the Shwick Open Studios adding free beer, ice cream and burgers to the art. (more…)

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

You know that annoying food dilemma where you want to make a meal out of a number of different dishes from a number of different places? It’s similar to the “having your cake and eating it too,” phenomenon but instead you want to have a slice of cake from every place that sells cake and also eat them, too. It’s eaters like you who are bound to be in foodie heaven at the Taste of Bushwick. (more…)

05/27/15 11:20am
full moon festival

The best kind of sandwiches, for the best kind of price (free)

We’re into the jorts and jerseys part of the year, which means a person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…ice cream. What, did you have another end to that sentence? Anyway, it’s ice cream season, which is good because ice cream is delicious. Even better, you can get some ice cream for yourself for free on Thursday, when an ice cream truck parks in front of Roberta’s and just starts handing out ice cream sandwiches all willy-nilly. (more…)

05/20/15 4:20pm
Future site of a tourism hotspot. via Google Street View

Future site of a tourism hotspot. via Google Street View

Now that Brooklyn is the kind of place tourists carrying comically large bags of cash want to come and explore, developers are realizing they can make a mint by putting up hotels. Witness the successful Wythe Hotel, or Bklyn House, the Bushwick hotel constructed out of both concrete and nonsensical hip Brooklyn marketing-speak. Or forget those and look the future, where someday soon a hotel will rise on Flushing Avenue and Stewart Avenue. A hotel where tourists will be able to go to the rooftop deck and gaze longingly at the romantic sight that is the Newtown Creek. (more…)

05/15/15 3:02pm
This rendering could be your life

This rendering could be your life

Hey remember when we were all panicking about how Manhattan is cheaper than Brooklyn and Brooklyn’s rents are at a record high? It’s time you use that panic, use it to fuel the speed at which you apply for these $573/month 2-bedroom apartments in Bed-Stuy that are now being offered. You’re probably paying more than $573 per month for your room with roommates that you don’t even like and now you can have TWO rooms and no roommates if you really want to do that. (more…)

05/11/15 9:57am
metrorock brooklyn

We really hope they bring the blimp. via Facebook

Ever since they lost their parkour gym, the people of Bushwick have had a dearth of alternative fitness options. Frankly, it’s amazing the neighborhood managed to get voted the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world after that. There’s good news for people who want to work out without lifting or hitting a treadmill though, because Bushwick Daily has the news that a new climbing gym is coming to Bushwick next year. (more…)

05/06/15 1:25pm
Photo via Indiegogo

Here’s one way to make your morning commute more adventurous. via Indiegogo

Four years ago, 160 residents of 345 Eldert Street in Bushwick were forced out of their apartments by the FDNY. The reasons were because the building had numerous violations including “illegal mezzanines, illegal plumbing, blocked sprinklers and blocked exits,” which are better known as some of the things people accept because they want to live in Bushwick. Now, some of the residents have returned, but not all.

This is where Christiana Martin comes in: the photographer and musician has been living in Bushwick since 2005, and wanted to raise some money for her community. Instead of the usual things people do like a bake sale, or a community car wash, she had something much more intimidate in mind: a 12-month calendar filled with nude photographs of her friends and neighbors, per DNA Info. Can’t knock somebody trying something new for a good cause.  (more…)

04/30/15 2:55pm
bushwick starr

This empty stage could be full of characters you created. via Facebook

We know what it’s like out there for a struggling playwright, vainly typing away on your typewriter while smoking cigarettes and adjusting your beret, wondering if anyone will read the work you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s the same conundrum facing any struggling creative around here. Lucky you then, that renowned Brooklyn theatre The Bushwick Starr wants to make things a bit easier for you by inviting you, the unknown playwright, to submit a piece for consideration in their Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Get picked, and you can see your script read in one of Brooklyn’s best small theaters. (more…)