07/21/14 4:03pm
mckibbin lofts

They’re just not figuring this out? Photo by Emily Paup

Hey, speaking of totally authentic NYC apartments, what’s up with the McKibbin Lofts lately? Last time we checked in with them, there was a totally authentic dumpster fire in front of the building. Today’s news? The Department of Buildings slapped the basement at 255 McKibbin Street with an order to vacate on Friday, according to a tip sent in to Gothamist, with the order saying that the basement’s conditions were “perilous to human life.” Looks like C.H.U.D.s finally have an opening to get their own slice of gentrification pie. (more…)

07/17/14 2:58pm
bushwick night

It’s Bushwick, it’s night, you know the deal. via Flickr user D. Robert Wolcheck

Ask five people to describe Bushwick to you and you’ll probably get five different responses. Gentrified playland, the place where the garbage lives, the “next Williamsburg,” art mecca, home — Bushwick is all of those and more. Now we’ve got Bushwick Nightz, a book of short stories, the neighborhoods many facets. Tonight at 8pm at Loft 45 (411 Troutman Street), Bushwick Daily and Catpolis are hosting a big book launch party for the short story collection, and you’re invited.  (more…)

07/15/14 4:25pm
the bushwick hotel

Oh so you’re all too fancy for The Bushwick Hotel now, huh?

Bushwick is the hot new destination for Vogue writers and tourists of all stripes, but the problem is that they don’t have friends there with couches for them to crash on. They don’t want to stay in Manhattan like some kind of sucker either, they know what’s up, and per DNA Info, they won’t have to starting this fall, because a big-ass hotel is opening on Beaver Street. Finally, somewhere you can tell your parents to stay when they see you, so you can still chase tail at the bar. (more…)

bushwick beverages

Everyone’s pretty happy when booze is involved.

There are so many damn local breweries and wineries these days that it’s impossible to keep up and drink all of their products. Unless of course…unless someone put all of the alcohol in one place, like some kind of festival or celebration. Oh hey look! Arts + Crafts did just that, with next weekend’s upcoming Bushwick Beverages, a beer and wine festival allowing you to wander Troutman Street drinking the best local beer and wine that’s out there. (more…)

07/01/14 11:25am
out in the streets

They’re always rocking in the pictures, so it must be fun. via Facebook

Now that we’re past Northside and we’re past Governors Ball, you might think we’re done with summer festival season. WRONG! Did you forget about Out in the Streets, the only music festival that takes place at a historic house marking where Brooklyn is separated from Queens? Well if you did, the lineup is here as a reminder that you should go, because it looks like a good one and because there’s gonna be a giant dome with a giant slip ‘n slide in it. (more…)

07/01/14 9:09am

Will Bushwick still look like this? It could if you want it to. via Flickr user Chris Ford

Hey Bushwick, were you jealous when City Council representatives asked Gowanus for input on how it should develop in the future? Makes sense, considering the gold rush going down in your neighborhood. Well cheer up! According to DNA Info, you’re getting your own version of Bridging Gowanus, in which you can fight with your neighbors about land density and residential vs. commercial zoning, starting in July. Just lobby for a more original name than “Bridging Bushwick.” (more…)

wreck room

Say goodbye to this. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

Now that the likes of Zosia Mamet and Penn Badgley live there, Bushwick doesn’t have room for graffiti-filled cesspools of beer-and-shot combos and terrifying bathrooms. Specifically, we’re talking about Wreck Room, a stop on the “Hey, I’ve puked in front of here” tour that you soon won’t be able to bring friends to, because according to Bushwick Daily, the dive is closing its doors on Saturday(more…)

06/18/14 11:33am
the mystery lights

The Mystery Lights and 19 other bands want you to celebrate pizza. Oh, and garage rock too. via Facebook

Fact: there is nothing better than pizza. Double fact: yes, there is, and that’s a weekend filled with garage rock, fuzz, and, oh yeah, pizza.

Brooklyn label King Pizza records is bringing their artists and friends together for the first ever Pizza Fest, taking place June 20-22. With 20 bands in 3 days, this festival thrown by the small indie label is proof you don’t need Randall’s Island or Prospect Park in order to throw a summer festival. It helps to have pizza though, did I mention the pizza? There will be cheap, delicious pizza for everyone, including a specialty Pizza Fest slice covered in bacon, which definitely completes some kind of internet BINGO card out there. (more…)

the passion of kim kardashian

Man, Bill Donohue is gonna be pissed. Then again, he always is. via ANIMAL

Given that her introduction to America was feigning shock, shock that her sex tape with Ray J was made public, Kim Kardashian has managed to do exceptionally well for herself. Even if you don’t have a reason to know who she is, you still somehow do, kind of like The Pope or the president or Osama bin Laden. So, taking things to their logical extreme, ANIMAL informs us that artist Hannah Kunkler now has an exhibit up in Bushwick that imagines Kim Kardashian as a god in various religious settings. (more…)

06/17/14 4:38pm


bed-stuy condo

A million freaking dollars and you don’t even get a turret. via Corcoran

Hey, remember when back in the halcyon days of 2013 when that couple first broke the “million-dollars for a Bed-Stuy apartment” barrier, and we all thought “Ha ha, what a couple of doofuses”? Well, it looks like we’re the doofuses for thinking this wouldn’t keep happening, because as per Brownstoner, hey, here’s some more million dollar Bed-Stuy condos. And good golly they are bland. (more…)