01/09/14 10:04am
Daniel Zajackowski

Daniel Zajackowski, in a quiet moment figuring out how to make our streets safer. via Facebook

Everyday New Yorkers can be heroes without a badge or running into a burning building. Take for example, MTA planner and punk rock singer Daniel Zajackowski, of Marvin Berry and the New Sound, who tried to point out a dangerous intersection in Bushwick to some police officers, and was arrested for his trouble. From the New York Post:

Zajackowski, 32, of Brooklyn, was strolling with his girlfriend along Bushwick Avenue last January when he noticed an intersection that he felt was unsafe. The MTA employee assistant planner and Hunter College graduate recalled reading an article about the hazardous crossroads and spotted a group of officers in the area, according to his suit.

“As a concerned citizen, Mr. Zajackowski approached these officers…in order to discuss traffic safety at the intersection,” the suit states. But instead of thanking him for his input, the cops handcuffed Zajackowski in front of his horrified girlfriend and put him in a police van for a ride to the local precinct, his suit claims. Zajackowski, who performs “Know My Role” among other songs with the group Marvin Berry and the New Sound, claims he was busted for just trying to help the public.

So many questions. How many MTA employees are also in punk bands? Which intersection was this, and has it been fixed since last January? Why were those police so grumpy? In the mean time, we salute you, Daniel Zajackowski, and hope this hasn’t put a dent in your one man campaign for safer streets.

01/09/14 9:06am
mellow pages library

Mellow Pages: Not covered in oil, but still poor. via Facebook

[UPDATE: Here's the strange story of how this went down]

Two days ago we told went over the story of ExxonMobil offering Bushwick’s Mellow Pages Library a no-strings attached sponsorship that cold have kept the library open for three years. Founders Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson turned the question over to their members, who sent impassioned emails advising them one way or the other, but the two still said they would make the ultimate decision. Late yesterday, in an email sent to members and later posted to Facebook, the two revealed their decision after a long explanation: “We sure as hell aren’t taking this money.” It’s not altogether surprising, but it raises a great question: would you do it? (more…)

01/07/14 3:01pm
mellow pages

The kind of young, hip automobile owners the ExxonMobil corporation is maybe trying to buy off

A little while back, we held a storytelling night to help out the folks at Mellow Pages, Brooklyn’s only user-sourced library. Despite throwing our immense influence behind the fundraiser, Mellow Pages fell short of their goal of covering one year of rent and other expenses. Still, they didn’t close, and while they’ve been looking for new solutions, one controversial benefactor has stepped forward: none other than gigantic oil company ExxonMobil. The question facing Mellow Pages now is, do they take the money.


12/13/13 2:32pm
saturday revenge party

The Artist Formerly Known as Vince rock the Saturday Revenge Party at Don Pedro. via Facebook

Do you like rock and roll? How about spectacle? Getting covered in toilet paper and confetti? Me too! It’s a good time to be a fan of local rock and roll, tacos, and the weird.

For those that want to get their dance on, listen to some local (and not so local) rock and maybe get caught in a toilet paper twister, the second Saturday of every month is The Saturday Revenge at Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Avenue, Bushwick). You’l get five bands for five bucks, burritos, skeeball cheap beer and more. And oh hey look at that, the second Saturday of this month is tomorrow. (more…)

12/12/13 3:52pm
836 dekalb avenue

If you lived here, you’d be gentrifying home by now

Just in time for that whole “Bed-Stuy is the new Williamsburg” thing, Bed-Stuy is getting some fancy new apartments of its own, like the ones at 836 Dekalb Avenue. Some people aren’t too happy about that, at least judging from these pictures snapped by a local resident who passed them on to us. We’ve got a few more pictures after the jump. (more…)

12/11/13 3:42pm
bedstuy-beer works-jar

Give a can, get a jar this weekend. Seems like a good deal to us. via Facebook

Beer is great. Burritos are great. Brooklynites are charitable folks with great hearts. Why not combine them for the good of all?

Bed Stuy Beer Works (408 Willoughby Avenue), a wholesale and craft beer center open to the public in Bed Stuy, is partnering with City Harvest this weekend to launch the first in what is hoped to be a monthly beer tasting, burrito eating and food donating fest appropriately titled “BEER + BURRITOS = LOVE,” this Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. (more…)

12/06/13 1:58pm
bad landlord

Has this happened to you? Learn what your rights are if it does

You’ve got a lot in life to worry about, between work, relationships and the knowledge that one day the sun will implode and end all life on Earth. So why would you want to add not knowing your rights in a tenant/landlord dispute to that list, when you can get a free crash course in your rights as a tenant this weekend at the Silent Barn? Sorry, they won’t be able to do anything about that whole “extinction of all life” thing. But no one can! (more…)

12/02/13 12:46pm

Tax shelter. via Flickr user Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Old school vs. new school gentrifiers was a fight that was bound to come up at some point in neighborhoods like Bushwick, and according to a New York Post story, that fight is here. People who have lived in Bushwick for all of a few years are throwing around terms like “adult playground” and “subsidized by their parents” to describe the people moving into CastleBraid, an artist-friendly luxury building on Troutman Street. Which is funny, of course. What isn’t funny is a CastleBraid partner telling the Post that the building got an affordable housing tax abatement, but won’t be supplying affordable housing. (more…)

Hey, remember when we told you about Superchunk shooting a video at Shea Stadium? And you decided not to go because you didn’t want to be part of some shitshow? Well not only did you miss being part of a cool video that makes Shea Stadium look way nicer and brighter than we’ve ever seen it, you also missed the Jons, H. Benjamin and Glaser, in the same place, being Jon buddies. Also you missed a bunch of Brooklyn band cameos, like Becca Kauffman from Ava Luna singing on stage in place of Superchunk themselves. Our only complaint is that the video didn’t give the proper tribute to Shea Stadium’s enormous Mets logo mural, but that just means you’ll have to go there and see it yourself. Man, it’s gonna be such a bummer when this place gets turned into the headquarters for the Brooklyn Republican Party in a few years. (more…)

11/22/13 1:19pm
omar the wire

Yes indeed

You guys like TV? Yeah, we do too, in theory anyway. We can’t afford one, nor can we afford cable. But we still keep up, thanks to DVDs and Netflix and The Pirate Bay Hulu. So that’s why we can be as excited about this TV news as people who own TVs will be: Michael K. Williams, previously known as Omar, future ODB and currently known as Albert “Chalky” White is coming to Bed-Stuy’s Bedford Hall (1177 Bedford Avenue) on Sunday night to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. (more…)