04/21/15 10:12am
smallest penis in brooklyn pageant

As if we could ever give this up. Photo by Mary Dorn

There are certain summer traditions in Brooklyn that just won’t die. Movies in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Concerts at Prospect Park. A bunch of drunk people hooting at dudes showing off their tiny dicks in a hot, crowded bar. Well, maybe the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant isn’t a traditional summer activity yet, but the celebration of teeny weenies is coming back for a third year, at bigger digs in the Kings County Saloon. Wonder if the extra space will make the penises look even smaller. (more…)

04/20/15 2:40pm
Hang around a while

Hang around a while. via Facebook

Back in November we told you about how The Muse, the last place in Williamsburg where unironic strong man mustaches thrived, was being kicked out to make room for the new strongman in town, Vice Media. The circus training and performance venue has since piled into an amusingly tiny car and moved on to Bushwick, where they’re ready to show off their circus school and theater. This Sunday you can help them celebrate their successful Kickstarter and renovation with a day of free classes, performances, and floppy shoes at their grand opening. It’s like clown college without the crushing student loans! (more…)

Spam Bushwick from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

As a blog all about championing Brooklyn, we’re pretty forgiving of our borough’s more out there attempts at staying true to oneself, whether it’s adult pre-school, artisanal porridge or even a whole shop devoted to mayonnaise. Leave it to Bushwick though, to really push the boundaries of what’s acceptable, with the Brooklyn Independent Media bringing us a short profile of a pair of artisanal spam-makers who call the neighborhood home. We’d call them “humble artisanal spam makers,” but they seem pretty impressed with their “frivolity,” “experimentation” and elevation of spam into “something more than people could have imagined” it to be. (more…)

koda bushwick

Sure, the price is from another century, but make sure your tips aren’t. via Koda

Last Wednesday we told you about what we thought would be a one-time $1 beer deal at Bushwick’s Koda to help usher in the warm weather. After drinking a few last week, we sorely wanted this to be a regular thing. We reached out to Koda and they gave us the inside scoop: last week’s special worked so well they’re continuing their $1 beer deal throughout the spring season! (more…)

03/17/15 1:35pm
bushwick flea

Don’t confuse them for ‘Shwick though, that might get you cut. via Facebook

The hottest shopping destination when the weather warms up in Brooklyn this year? It looks like it’s going to be Bushwick, which is not only slated to get a mini-Smorgasburg starting in April, but will not be getting its own branded flea market. The Bushwick Flea will be kicking off in April and offering up a flea market for Bushwickers who don’t want to bother going to Williamsburg. Or Fort Greene. Or Park Slope. Basically people who want a flea market in Bushwick, that’s who the Bushwick Flea is for. (more…)

03/13/15 10:11am
brooklyn foodworks

More space for chefs to do chef stuff. via Facebook

We’ll say this much about the de Blasio administration: They might be working hand-in-hand with developers to change Brooklyn forever, but they also at least show a passing interest in helping out burgeoning entrepreneurs. One day after we learned that aspiring lady bosses are getting a boost, here’s the news that Bed-Stuy is getting Brooklyn’s first culinary incubator, a lab space for chefs, caterers and aspiring food geniuses space to cook and create. (more…)

koda bushwick

Here be $1 beers. via Koda

Spring! It’s finally here! We are so used to bracing ourselves against the arctic blast after leaving the subway that we were practically throwing our clothes off at 42nd Street today. Old habits do die hard, though, like our propensity to drink constantly just to make our way through winter. (Really the only thing keeping us warm was the burning sensation where our liver should be.) No matter. Let’s celebrate the warm weather by drinking dollar beers, which Bushwick Daily helpfully pointed out is exactly what’s bring offered at Koda today. (more…)

These guys are glad to hear it.

These guys are glad to hear it.

You already know how we feel about Boobie Trap, the breast and board game-filled bar that calls Bushwick home: we love it. You also probably know how we feel about pizza: that we love it. We weren’t expecting our two loves to be slammed together into one great taste, but today DNA Info reports that Boobie Trap opened up a pizza joint across the street from their bar called Pizza Party, so lo and behold, our love grows more and more. (more…)

03/06/15 9:56am

Pity the poor investors who can’t buy here now. via Flickr user Matthew Rutledge

It’s the same story we’ve read so many times before in New York City. A neighborhood finds itself being pitched as the hot new thing, newcomers rush to it looking for a profit, and before you know it, no one can afford the neighborhood anymore. It’s a sad story that’s come to Bed-Stuy now, as Brooklyn’s real estate investors can’t seem to make the gigantic profits they once made, and are leaving the neighborhood in droves according to the Daily News. We look forward to their “Goodbye to All That” essay. (more…)

03/05/15 3:11pm

It’ll be like this, but in an abandoned lot. So, more authentic. via Flickr user Steel Wool

This is how it goes. You give a neighborhood a market full of handmade and vintage goods, they’ll figure, “Hey, why don’t we also throw some food in this? People love food.” So, per that “give a mouse a cookie” logic, now that ‘Shwick has woven itself into the fabric of Bushwick, they’re interested in expanding it to include what’s being described as “a mini-Smorgasburg” by Bushwick Daily. Next up, ‘Shwick Philadelphia? (more…)